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    Best Mods for Morrowind?

    The time has come for me to once again forsake all other videogames in favor of Morrowind for the next month - this time with the added twist of making it a goal to complete the main quests of both the base game and expansions. Does anyone have any mods they'd recommend? I'm looking to play a...
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    IC Blank Sheet [5e]

    "Hag's nails... Looks like Whaitley wasn't lying." Denholm walks forward, scanning the marketplace, taking the poverty of the city in. Finally, he turns back to Jurai. "I take it your going to meet with the abbess right away? If that's the case, and I'm guessing you don't need me to come with...
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    🎨 Creative [Funny] [Spoilers] Explain a movie/series/book as if they were a TTRPG campaign

    Blade: After a months long campaign that was heavy on RP and puzzle-solving in which the party climbed their way to the top of vampire society and learned how to fulfill an ancient prophecy, the GM decides to make the final challenges heavily combat based, and proceeds to curbstomp the party...
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    IC Call of Cthulhu Horror One-Shot: Don't Talk to Dead People

    1895 "Bloody hell!" Chuck cries out, rushing forward. "Miss Ranyard please, please stay calm," Chuck pleads with Mary as he looks over her, trying to see if there's anything he can do. Rolling for first aid, since that seems appropriate. Chuck's first aid stat is 50/25/10. Ffffffff-
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    IC Blank Sheet [5e]

    I'm willing to run Imica until we get to Carasee, at least. Once were in Carasee, let's see what we need everyone to do. Imica rushes to Ressa, grabbing her by the back of her shirt and pulling her backwards out of the mud. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. What exactly are you doing now Ressa? You're in no...
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    Post-unban, I lost access to the Wylde Side.

    I'm able to see all of the interest groups but Wylde Side.
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    IC Blank Sheet [5e]

    Wishing to support Whaitely, Denholm asks Jurai "What if hold off making a decision until we make it to Carasee? You can deliver your letter to the matriarch and see what she has to say, while I'll explore the city and verify Mr. Whaitely's claims. Let's see what the land is like for ourselves...
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    IC Blank Sheet [5e]

    "Oh. Wow. Um... huh. I did not think the meeting would be so soon." Denholm looks to the ground awkwardly, trying to avoid looking at Whaitely. Taking a deep breath, he looks back up at the man. "Okay. So... Lycanous wants you and your fellow conspirators to stop using him as the "god" the...
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    IC Blank Sheet [5e]

    "Great. Let him know I look forward to meeting him." With that done, Denholm goes over to Luce, making sure that her condition won't deteriorate farther while on the way to Carasee. While he does this, he shouts to Jurai, "Can you do something about Ressa? Maybe get her to shut up?" Preferably...
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    What superhero stories are left to adapt?

    I'd be interested in an adaptation of Blackest Night (and Brightest Day).
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    IC Blank Sheet [5e]

    "Hmm. Very well." Denholm turns to Karven. "Would you be willing to take a message to Whaitely, and let him know that I am interested in meeting him at some point in the future?"
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    IC Blank Sheet [5e]

    "For now, I'm still interested in going to the ruins. After that though, I'll want to meet with Whaitely." Denholm turns to Jurai. "Assuming my companions agree." Just a head's up, I'm heading into Final's week. I'll still try to post, but I go quiet, that's why.
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    Perspective and the scope of these forums

    I'm partial to 'hyeef' myself.
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    IC Blank Sheet [5e]

    "I see." Denholm turns to Jurai. "I don't have any more questions. How do you want to handle Ressa?"
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    IC Blank Sheet [5e]

    Denholm smiles. "Let me clarify - why do you need to be cannibals? Why can't you just be bandits?"
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