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    [LFG] Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area

    Well, I moved last summer and I am now looking for a new game group to join up with. I live and work in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I am open to just about any type of gaming, with RPG's being high on the list. I've had experience in AD&D2e, D&D3.X, Pathfinder, Traveller, GURPS, etc. I'm up for trying...
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    🎨 Creative Urban Fantasy- 101 places where the wise men meet

    The one place the youth won't go, the local senior center. A place where senior citizens gather to compare random numbers (Bingo!), occasionally dance, and compare notes on what each other are doing these days. All of this is a great cover for meetings between the wizened.
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    🎨 Creative for my birthday, I would like eleventy-one FTL drives

    36ish: Heat Bubble The FTL drive places a bubble of real space around the ship and slips it through "other space." This bubble is a perfect sphere reflector, keeping real space and other space separated. The downside to this, any energy created within the sphere is kept there until the ship...
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    Iowa, anyone?

    I'm stuck in S.E. Iowa. A little far away most likely.
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    eBay LostPassWord Game Spring Cleaning

    I am cleaning out some of my game collection simply because I will never use these again. All of this is on ebay and can be found here. Munchkin 2008 Silver Piece Star Munchkin Bookmark of Clowntrooper Chaos Munchkin Booty Bookmark of Shipshape Sailing The Good, The Bad, and the Munchkin...
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    [eBay] Cleaning out unwanted game material

    I am cleaning out a bunch of older game material & geek culture items I no long want staring me in the face. Most of this stuff is from the now defunct game Chronopia along with some Mordheim junk (including the rule book). I do have some Star Trek related garbage also, including some 'blue...
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    Whats in your RPG collection?

    My collection is mostly GURPS and D&D3.5/d20 Modern. Outside of that, it is the Red Dwarf RPG and Traveller T20. Beyond this, it is free down loads.
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    [Ebay] Clearing out unwanted/needed items

    I am clearing out on eBay more items I no longer want or need. Check it out. Armorcast 48" Modular River + Extra Armorcast Medieval Inn Armorcast Medieval Tavern Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Arwen Various dice sets Star Trek: The Manga Ulimate Edition Star Trek: The Manga Shinsei Shensei...
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    [Ebay US] Battletech Alternity KodT AD&D

    I am clearing out some of my little used gaming items. There are too many things to list here politely. This mostly includes by Battletech, Alternity, KodT, and AD&D 2E items. Miniatures will be listed on Ebay tomorrow. Check these items out!
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    [eBay] Extra/unwanted game sale

    My pickings are getting slim. Click here to see. Ghost in the Shell VHS The Succession Wars (FASA Battletech) Battlestations (Gorilla Games) Talisman Warzone The Brotherhood Cathedral
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    [eBay] Extra/unwanted game sale

    Slow, but added some miniatures and other stuff, here. Reaper 06014 Dwarven Crossbowmen Reaper 06014 Dwarven Crossbowmen Repaer 02349 Jon Otterman, Templar Reaper 02452 Amber Dracomancer Reaper 02584 Townsfolk II 1 of 3 Reaper 65055 Tristan Loremistress Chronopia Devout Damned incomplete...
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    [eBay] Extra/unwanted game sale

    Over time, I have acquired gaming material that I do not want. Most of this is in good condition. I either have these as extras or they are for games I do not play. I am selling these on eBay to make room. Most of this is GURPS with some World of Darkness. If i get around to it, I may add...
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    [EBAY] D20 (Gamma World, Ravenloft) & Alternity sale

    I have decided that I have too much D20 material to ever use. So, I am cleaning my shelf to make room for other stuff that will probably never use. My eBay sales may be viewed at: I know that some of this has already been listed for a few days, but it...
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    So what is YOUR gaming group?

    My group is 9 males (all straight as far as I know.) We have: 1 - employed by a junk mail company 1 - Wal-mart shelf stocker 1 - hobby shop owner 1 - elementary school art teacher 1 - car wash attendant 1 - janitor 2 - professional bums (1 by choice, 1 due to health) 1 - draftsman for local...
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    Write a letter to your favorite/least favorite game

    Dear Alternity, Remember the one campaign I ran using you. It could have been so good, except the players promptly forgot their character's backgrounds even though they had them in their hands. There was also that first plot hook I tried to run. A young girl that had incredible psionic powers...
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