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    Free League Publishing (Fria Ligan) announce new Alien RPG [merged x2]

    I finally broke down and pre-ordered this. In the past, I haven't been a big fan of RP'ing in licensed properties, but I also haven't been disappointed with anything I've gotten from Free League yet, so this may be the exception to the rule.
  2. mac40k

    Fear the walking dead S5 (spoilers)

    I really enjoyed the first 3 seasons, more so than the original series. I freely admit that part of this may be due to the fact that it was a new story, not just a different version of one I was already familiar with, but for me it has gone downhill since. Cast turnover for whatever reasons...
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    [40k Game Megathread] - Do not post in support of the Emperor of Man

    I'm used to the shoulder pad in SM armies reflecting the force org so that it is easy to see on the tabletop which units are troops, which are Elite, which are Fast Attack, etc. Can someone explain to me why Primaris Reivers are always depicted with the Fast Attack shoulder pad designation when...
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    An Open Letter to Implore You to Play Old Games

    I got my start with Melee/Wizard/The Fantasy Trip and therefore backed the Kickstarter for the new edition now that SJG got the rights back after all these years. However, that was knowingly just a nostalgia purchase. I really don't have much desire to relearn the rules, much less try to teach...
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    The 100 S6: Book 2

    Hmm, possibly Abby takes his words to heart, pulls herself out her funk, and rises to the challenge to honor him, but always asking WWMD?
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    🎨 Creative July Painting Thread

    I'm just now getting back into mini painting after a 4+ year hiatus. I've always used the prime, base coat, wash, dry brush (or highlight), then pick out details approach. While I got the Vallejo paints like I had before, when it came to washes, I for some reason was under the impression that GW...
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    The 100 S6: Book 2

    I continue to be amazed at the number of characters they've brought back for brief scenes that didn't involve archive footage. Props to the production crew for juggling actor availability and getting them back to reprise a role that they may not have even thought about for a couple of years.
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    [Comixology] New to it, can't get Unlimited, what's good?

    I get emails all the time from Comixology announcing new sales, but you can just click the Sale button at the top of their website and get a listing of what is currently discounted. There's usually quite a lot of stuff, but it's categorized so you only have to dive into browsing those sections...
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    Which Savage Worlds Edition?

    First of all, we need to clear up the confusion surrounding the editions. Savage Worlds doesn't use edition numbers like most other systems, so it can be confusing. The original version was quickly followed by Savage Worlds Revised. Next came Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition (SWEX). Next in...
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    Best rules for chases

    The Chase rules in Savage Worlds have undergone changes in every edition, but the newest version in SWADE works really well. You can check them out for free. Return to Sleepy Hollow
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    [40k Game Megathread] - Do not post in support of the Emperor of Man

    I picked up the Knights, Asuryani, and CSM detachments. They boxes were already a good deal based on current prices, but are even better in light of the new GW prices which go into effect on the 8th.
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    Steam Daily Deals 6: Where "daily" means "whenever we can be arsed to check".

    The few things left on my wishlist are new enough that they still don't meet my self-imposed limit of $20, for which my wallet is thankful.
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    [40k Game Megathread] - Do not post in support of the Emperor of Man

    I don't think it means it's happening now, it just paves the way for the future.
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    [40k Game Megathread] - Do not post in support of the Emperor of Man

    Sure, they can keep cranking out mini-marines as long as the current molds hold out, but there is a limit to warehouse space and in store shelf space. Aspects are already Finecast and only available from GW directly. I don't doubt that GW will discontinue support of Finecast at some point. While...
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    [40k Game Megathread] - Do not post in support of the Emperor of Man

    I posted this on another discussion forum, but figured I'd through it out here as well. With the pending release of Apocalypse, I think this spells the end for a lot of units that will not see support in the future such as Eldar Aspect Warriors and mini-marines. GW has stated it wants to...
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