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    Setting Riff: Life on a World Tree

    Not overasking... I love it. Gravity - towards the center of the tree. My image of the branches is that gravity would be toward the center of the branch (which make the junction of branch and tree a weird place. From the view of a person living on the tree, there is dirt on the ground and...
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    Setting Riff: Life on a World Tree

    Stop me if this has been done before. Life On A World Tree The Great Tree (GT) extends to the endless sky above and rocky ground below. To the people that live on the tree "UP" is away from the core of the tree. The roots are firmly in the elemental planes of water and earth, while the crown...
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    [Necro] Why did (or do) people Hate Comeliness so much in D&D?

    Re: Why did (or do) people Hate Comeliness so much in D&D? Going back to the OP, I was in High School when it was announced. So. Many. Cringes. Seriously it just mucked up the social space.
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    Half-Planar Dragons? (Dragon #344)

    Thank you all. I will look into that.
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    Half-Planar Dragons? (Dragon #344)

    Thanks, I was hoping for the first 200 issues or so.
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    Half-Planar Dragons? (Dragon #344)

    Is there a place one can purchase PDFs of all of the past dragon issues? I work remotely, and they would be fun to read through.
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    Who Is the Quintessential 80's Male Movie Star?

    All of these candidates are great and certainly effected the culture (particularly Cruise IMHO), but all of them go beyond the 80s. For someone who is pure 80s there career needs to be pure 80s. I nominate Steve Guttenberg.
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    Where are the Ley Lines in the Americas? [Savage Rifts]

    Oooh, Trinity is hard to resist. Hordes of Giant Ants.
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    Where are the Ley Lines in the Americas? [Savage Rifts]

    Totally, I am going with an idea that there are all kinds of Ley Lines and Ley Nexi. So these will just be the permanent Nexi where several major Ley Lines intersect. In general, though, Ley Lines everywhere.
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    "Just make it up" style of gaming

    I hate to vote "Other", but it is just so GM/Party dependent.
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    Where are the Ley Lines in the Americas? [Savage Rifts]

    Good stuff. It is tough to pick just a few, to keep them special. I think I will go with Devil's Tower, Crater Lake, and South East Ohio (for game reasons). Then Atlantis, Tikal (thanks for that), and the Marriage of the Waters gives me 6, which should keep my game going for a good while. Thanks!
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    Where are the Ley Lines in the Americas? [Savage Rifts]

    I am just starting running a game using Savage Rifts (from the kickstarter). I want to make the game's plot heavily centered around Ley Line Nexus', which ought to occur at major holy/mystical sites. My thinking is there are all kinds of Ley Lines, big and small, stable and moving, above...
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    [Disney] Moana

    Fo what its worth to people who are curious. I live in the Marshall Islands. My co-workers and friends include a lot of Marshallese and a handful of Kiribas, FSM (Federated States of Micronesia... many cultures), Samoans, and Hawai'ins. Everyone is pretty psyched.
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    [Savage Worlds] [Rifts] Savage Rifts!

    Another good example is that the Atlantis book says the Splugorth have an army numbering in the trillions...
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    [Let's Play] Crusader Kings II: After the End - Postapocalyptic North America

    Thank you, I do indeed have Steam. Now I can return to converting the Americas to the faith of the Sea Witch.
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