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    Life Like[sexy Robot movie?]

    So this time the adroids a guy bot instead of being about a robot girlfriend. But it also looks less transhumanist in focus and more, "is the robot going to go crazy/ax murdery?" though it would be cool if it didn't.
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    💯 {Staff Pick} [Let's Read] Planes of Law/Chaos/Conflict

    Huh, FRom 3rd's BoED's the Tome 's get changed a bunch(not sure if the Septarchy is still called that, or if Tome Archons become a different thing in third). Mostly they are individualised in 3rd Edition instead of being all hawk headed.
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    Critical Role Campaign 2 - D&D, nerdy-ass voice actors and Wild(mount) Times

    OK, tonight we get the cutest special guest ever:Ronin! xD
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    [Anime news] 23 dead after arson at Kyoto Studios

    For the record, I read it was up to 30 dead, sadly. Hopefully thats as high as it goes.
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    Article: The Evolution of Tieflings in D&D (Includes interviews with Zeb Cook and Colin McComb)

    Hmm, don't know about that. Critical Role has had a numner of tieings, and while they have all had horns, the horns have been different for each. Their skin color and personalities have varied as well. Jester's cheerful playfulness, Mollymock's more cynical conman, Lady Ophelia's mysterious...
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    [5E] Tactics Advice: What should my next move(s) be?

    Have you considered inspiring yourself and then eldritch blasting him for a few rounds? Not sure if that will work though(do you get two rays for being an 8th level character? Or does it only care about your hexblade level?).
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    [5e] My Campaign Rules And How They Impact Implied Setting [No Full Casters, Ubiquitous Magic]

    So you have Artificers going by the term arcanists then? Or no?
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    [Where I Read] The Star Wars Expanded Universe - Legends Continuity

    Did Stars End use Stasis Units on all/most of its prisoners? Can't rememner if this is that story or if I confusing it with another one.
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    [Hogwart's Musings] Should the House System be Abolished?

    Just to be clear there is a trick to the Killing Curse the kids are, pointedly, not taught, The fakeMoody pointed out (and I think he would know) that even if he did they wouldn't be able to do more that give him a nose bleed. There is a certain amount of bloodthirsty intent that is needed for...
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    [My Hero Academia General] The Class is in Session

    Well, I knew the second part was true for adults, I was just wondering if kids got their ID protected since that can happen IRL. OTOL THey are basically training to be very public figures, so I could see that not applying as well....
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    [My Hero Academia General] The Class is in Session

    So, this may sound like a stupid question but I am behind on the WIW threads, so I have a general question that might be answered in a WIW thread that I haven't got to yet. Are there canon rules for media coverage of Heroes in training? Like if they covered a fight in public where a kid didn't...
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    The KIng's Man Trailer[Spoilers?] WW1 movie!

    So, I think this looks better than the second. Am cautiously excited for it.
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    The KIng's Man Trailer[Spoilers?] WW1 movie!

    So I found this trailer, and thought it was really cool, Even if WW1 isn't your thing you might like this! So, as I don't wanna spoil anything I"ll talk about it more below...
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    [ACC's Childhood's end] Isn't it a bit Euroceontric? (spoilers)

    Pretty sure humanity ascended to join the Overmind would be a more accurate description.
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    The wisdom of Jesus if he played D&D

    No the ear thing was just he DM describing a bit of nonlethal damage{while visually striking the soldier's hearing would have been mostly OK}. It's just a channel divinity. See the sanctuary spell.
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