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    Could someone explain the Robotech to me?

    The only Southern Cross model kits I've ever seen were for the personal armors of the main characters. That said, if you search deep enough you can find things like this: http://hobbycom.jp/my/f6e739420d/photo/products/34317 (It's a Frankenstein build made of several mecha kits.)
  2. Marc A. Vezina

    Could someone explain the Robotech to me?

    Google is your friend: https://twitter.com/reactionfigure/status/692122643168940034 (Granted, it doesn't have the hovertank mode -- I thought you could fold the legs and at least get an approximation of it.)
  3. Marc A. Vezina

    Heavy Gear Blitz Utopia Armed Forces Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter is Now Live!

    Beyond Heavy Gear, these could make a nice alternative for Tau units in WH40K! Stealth suits and drones...
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    Little rules you misread that really screwed up the game

    Way back in the 80s, when I was still a lad, I bought the Battletech boxed set because, duh, giant robots. We set up for that first game and got completely owned by my friend in his Shadow Hawk. Turns out we thought heat was the sole moderating factor in weapon fire. Shoot as many times as you...
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    Alpha Strike Box Set and Plastic BattleMech releases?

    I'd love to see them try to go against Bandai. :D
  6. Marc A. Vezina

    Alpha Strike Box Set and Plastic BattleMech releases?

    For those of us without a PACER account, can you summarize the case? :)
  7. Marc A. Vezina

    [Battletech] Getting started in Battletech?

    Re: [Batttletech] Getting started in Battletech? As well they should, since they are obviously 3D prints of the game model files from Mechwarrior Online. Just sayin'.
  8. Marc A. Vezina

    Recommend simple starship tactical combat game

    Dream Pod 9 is coming up with a new starship combat game set in the Jovian Chronicles universe. Get the Beta rules free here: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/201440/Jovian-Wars--Alpha-Playtest-Rules-Package-v1?cPath=73_124&affiliate_id=4310
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    40k is Going Nuts

    Check Google, there are a few examples of Guardmen models with Tau Firewarrior torso, gun, and arm shield. I remember someone using upper legs as well to get the lower armor, cutting off the Tau feet and replacing them with Guardsman boots. Works well.
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    Encapsulating the '80s - looking for recommendations

    Google is your friend: http://www.80s.com/ http://www.liketotally80s.com/
  11. Marc A. Vezina

    Stargrunt: Was the aliens book ever published?

    The book was not published, no (at least as far as I know). There are semi-official beta rules for the Phalons here: http://www.hyperbear.com/sg2/sg2-bds.html I've never seen rules for Kra'Vak, but I'm sure they exist somewhere on the Web... UPDATE: I knew I'd seen them somewhere...
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    Heavy Gear- North/South unit equivalents

    The Ferret doesn't have a direct equivalent in the South. If you're looking for a cheap or fast Southern scout that's not an Iguana, you could use an Asp, or a Dartjager. The rest is correct.
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    So, why are Games Workshop products so expensive, anyway?

    If you have money to buy an entire chapter's worth of minis, you have enough money to get someone to paint them for you. Multiple times, if you suddenly decide you don't like the color scheme anymore. ;)
  14. Marc A. Vezina

    For Sale Various RPGs and Game-related Publications

    I wouldn't call it "money woes" -- but I'll use the cash more than I use the books! :) Thanks for reading, glad you got to enjoy our games at least for a while.
  15. Marc A. Vezina

    For Sale Various RPGs and Game-related Publications

    The double-whammy of recently losing my job and having to do home repairs this Spring means I need both space to work and money. It's thus time to liquidate the game books that have not been opened for a while. Make me an offer and let's talk. My loss is your gain! CyborGladiators Rulebook...
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