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    Austin, TX Looking for players for Feng Shui.

    I'm looking for players for the Feng Shui rpg. There is already a group playing Shadowfist CCG on Sundays at Dragon's Lair. I would like to GM a game running weekly on Saturdays or Sundays meeting at Dragon's Lair.
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    [Austin] Dungeonslayers or FATE, anyone?

    Swammyjoe, Take the #1 north to Koenig Lane get off and catch the 320 west to Burnet and Koenig. It's a long hot walk otherwise.
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    Texas Tangency Meet 2011

    No Tom B., Free RPG day isn't tomorrow, it's on the 18th.
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    Texas Tangency Meet 2011

    So are you coming Wretch? Everyone else has decided to piss away this opp.
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    Texas Tangency Meet 2011

    Head count time! Who is going to show up if I book table space at Dragon's Lair for the second Saturday in June?
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    Texas Tangency Meet 2011

    How about the 2nd Saturday in June?
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    Texas Tangency Meet 2011

    How about the first weekend in June?
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    Texas Tangency Meet 2011

    Any Txpack members interested in meeting in Austin?
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    Essential RPGs

    I can't believe no one wrote about Talislanta, especially the Shooting Iron Games version. C'mon people, that version "oozes" setting.
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    [Austin, TX] RPG.net Meetup/Games Day, November 17, 2007

    I'm in. Meet and Greet (12:00 noon - 12:30 pm) Session One (12:30 - 4:30+ pm) Solomon Kane (Savage Worlds, GM: Jeb) - Fast and furious swashbuckling action in the style of Robert E. Howard's Elizabethan adventurer. Players: 1. Flynn 2. Norm! 3. Jason 4. Todd 5. Session Two (6:00 - 10:00+...
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    2007 Lone Star Meet 'n' Play

    I'd love GM a game for another meet. I'd recommend that it be held in Austin, though. Austin is good for its central location. Also, I've managed to get the Dragon's Lair Events Coordinator to give us ample space...at long last. :)
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    Texas Tangency Meet (Summer or Fall Edition)

    Thanks to everyone who showed up. I'm sorry I had to work(I'm there now) and couldn't make the Deadlands game. I really had a good time running Cyberpunk 3 and I hope my players had a good time as well. Martin de guerre
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    Texas Tangency Meet (Summer or Fall Edition)

    The Texas Tangency Meet is a semi-annual event currently held at Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy in Austin, TX. The next event is on Saturday, July 15th starting at 11:30a.m. and continuing until 9p.m. There are still three games available for play on Saturday. Welcome to rpg.net and we hope to...
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    Texas Tangency Meet (Summer or Fall Edition)

    Please sign up for a game or games if you plan on attending the Meet. We need to have a rough idea of who will be playing which games. Thanks!
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