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  • If you want to read my notes on Transhuman Star Trek I have them in a word document. They are just notes though.
    Just wanted to let you know I JUST started to listen to your Spotify playlist for M:tAs, and I'm loving it :)
    Can't say i disagree with you on the impression the German (& most of the other separate European ones) RPG-publishing scene has left me, too, from my few brushes with it.
    Not to derail the thread, yeah, She Wants Revenge 1st album is indeed the bomb, managing to combine a really distilled archetypal (& old skool ;)) darkwave sound & a modern take on it.

    Their 2nd album is okay; has songs i like by themselves but as as a whole going on the bland side (due adding more alternative to the mix? dunno).

    Just found out they have a 3rd album & haven't listened to it yet.
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