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    [Fantasy/Arming] How many daggers could you feasible carry?

    well I would say if you wanted to keep them from prying eyes say 7-8 two on each side of your back around kidney level one punch dagger as belt buckle 2 for each boot/shoe if you were doing folding blades you could easily add another 2 in pouches
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    Dresden File Forum.....

    Thanks Fred for telling me that.. I was in the same boat, now I have an email on the way
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    Signs of Corruption in Modern Cities

    One thing that you might think about is Federal money. Things like bail out money that are being spent on "pet projects", mismanagement of funds for schools (see that one way to much) by the city picking one school to be the "flagship" at the expense of the other schools in the district. General...
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    Is there ANYBODY out there who still plays 2nd Ed?

    Well I just got finished running a hybrid 1e/2e version for a group of new players...one being my 11 year old son.. they had a blast and we are on for next week also... so looks like I am going to be DMing a bit
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    How much different between 1e Players Handbook and the 2nd Edition?

    Thanks.. I was really thinking that they were but this is the first time I have actually got to pickup and use my books in about 20 years...I will find the other PHB but just wanted to see if it was useful for the time
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    How much different between 1e Players Handbook and the 2nd Edition?

    Okay.. I will actually come clean on why I am asking. I have mislaid my 1st edition PHB and I am starting an new group on Saturday... do you think it would a huge mess to use the PHB from 2nd edition to make up characters but still use my 1st edition MM and DMG? I only have the 2nd edition...
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    Time Travel to 1969

    If you had it in 1968 you could have them in the middle of the Tet Offensive in Vietnam. Also, you could do something with Apollo flights trying to keep them from being disrupted or blown up
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    playing out character ignorance

    Personally that example above smacks of OOC clues that if you are roleplaying, you really attempt to avoid. If you are playing a lower level character that is attacked by a vampire, you might NOT even know what it is if you were actually the character and I have a feeling you would actually NOT...
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    Hobbies for Adventurers

    I would assume that I would have the following fletching to take care of arrows that were lost or damaged leather working sewing might be involved in a little wood carving
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    Sell Me on a city for changeling

    New Orleans would be a good ole Southern city with a rich history, local magic, and now some really bad parts of town...
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    Printing PDFs

    Actually school teachers like myself have to worry about copyright laws and fair use stardards..
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    anyway to print pdf's - text only?

    Well, just wanted to report on my print session from Staples. I like the way it turned out and at $21.79 including the tax not bad. I had a clear cover, front page color, and a vinyl back cover with spiral bindings..
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    Printing PDFs

    Hopefully not... but you know, if they really screw it up, I won't accept it and make the redo it. You are the customer and they are the ones that are supposed to know how to print the things out.
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