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    Fire Emblem: Three Houses general discussion (spoilers ok for first act)

    I'm absolutely loving it. And after the time jump it definitely has me curious to see how the other three storylines play out. I'm playing Golden Deer in this play through and the characterisations are really good. Characters I thought would annoy me ended up being endearing and likeable. The...
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    Ennies 2019 winners.

    I have both and I still rate Forbidden Lands over Invisible Sun. Invisible Sun is a beautiful game, but it is overproduced. Large parts of it never hit our table and I’ve been running a game for nearly a year now. On the other hand, Forbidden Lands doesn’t waste an iota of content. Everything...
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    Ennies 2019 winners.

    I felt like Chaosium did some great products, but personally I don't think that justifies beating Forbidden Lands. However I haven't seen all these games so I can't say for certain. :) Conan
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    Scion 2nd Edition

    Yep. :)
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    Scion 2nd Edition

    Nope. The book explicitly states that law enforcement and governments generally keep out of the way of Scions. Gods and stuff. Instead it would be a case of the authorities asking the scion to change the guy back because it would make everyone’s lives easier and the Scion most likely made...
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    Scion 2nd Edition

    I think the big selling point for me is that Scion 2e's setting has gods and goddesses something that isn't hidden from the public per se. The world's governments and intelligence agencies know about Scions, Titans, Gods, Goddesses - and basically give them a wide berth or try to keep them...
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    Assassins Creed Odyssey: Go Tell the Spartans (Release and Playthru Thread)

    I've been playing Fields of Elysium all day. It is a great DLC location with a very different structure. While you're still doing a lot of the same running around clearing forts, there are three factions at play and you're constantly working out which one is the right one to support. Also the...
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    [Invisible Sun] $100 PDF

    I think it was a premium game concept. One that only could be funded using Kickstarter. But I don’t think it was deliberately priced to make it hard to procure. It is charged at the price that allows them to produce it to the intended standard. The amount of parts and planning required for the...
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    [Invisible Sun] $100 PDF

    Technically you don't need the hand. But Invisible Sun is a game that encourages a tactile play experience. Experience points are various types of tokens, there's a props envelope with all sorts of menus, flyers, posters, business cards etc... Also there are secrets hidden throughout the box...
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    Do Cheap Products Devalue RPGs

    I think you tend to get what you pay for. Some free or pay what you want games are great finds but a whole lot more are just dross. A lot of small scale developers with little experience may feel pressured to sell under cost just to build an audience. It’s hard to make money on RPGs at the best...
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    How to Make Proactively Chasing Character Advancement Work?

    Invisible Sun also has a character arc style experience system that encourages players to set a goal and work towards it. It also has three forms of experience. Acumen which is knowledge based experience. This comes from completing goals, and learning new information. The other two are Joy and...
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    [Invisible Sun] $100 PDF

    I think there was a definite "premium game product" goal but it wasn't ever going to be the deluxiest deluxe that ever deluxed. There was a definite intention to create something tactile and intriguing. And there are a load of extra deluxe kickstarter bonuses from metal keys, to medallions...
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     What are you playing/running in 2019?

    Currently running Invisible Sun combining the Directed Campaign with some elements of my own. I'm playing in a TORG Campaign using the new system. It's got some weird eccentricities, but we're having fun. Also playing in a D&D 5e Campaign that is being podcast - ScatterRealms - where I play a...
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    [Invisible Sun] $100 PDF

    Feel free. :)
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    [Kult] I have the book and it's beautiful, and the game seems good too.

    I am loving this edition of Kult - rules, setting, and all. But I have to admit the amazing art does sometimes become really challenging to look at. There have been a couple of characters my stomach churned a little when I looked at their pictures. :D Really looking forward to running this when...
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