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    Disney's Mulan teaser trailer

    Or she might believe with all the evidence that western-style democracy is not a desirable political system for China. With Trump, Bolsonaro, Brexit, Salvini, Orban, Duterte, Erdogan and so on it is a (arguably flawed, but not inherently malicious) position to take.
  2. Michael K

    Beating a dead horse: Confederates in Steampunk RPGs

    I took it that keeping the CSA around in some capacity involved the hoops and logic defying, and not that it required any changes to make the CSA villainous, seeing as they were that by self-declared definition.
  3. Michael K

    Beating a dead horse: Confederates in Steampunk RPGs

    I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to the contraptions necessary to make a given setting what it is meant to be. For my money, even reality follows some shockingly stupid plot twists defying logic to end up where we are today. :)
  4. Michael K

    Beating a dead horse: Confederates in Steampunk RPGs

    I'll lead with the caveat that the CSA (and slavery before and after it, quite generally) was an abhorrent system with a foundation of degrading racism that should have been far more decisively destroyed than it was. That out of the way, I can accept a fictional setting keeping North and South...
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    Are you loyal to humanity?

    Nope. I have no allegiance to any species, and certainly no loyalty to humanity.
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    RPG Resource removed from Drivethru

    It is (probably) over a Twitter comment that was, well, racist. I won't link to the twitter account of RPG resource, but their page has a link, so it's not hard to find.
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    Internet images used on Youtube stream.

    I wouldn't use any image unless the artist in question gave me a written ok to use it or I personally commissioned the art in question and the commission explicitly spelled out my right to use the image in such circumstances. Short form, I strongly advise against using images pulled from the...
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    Changeling 20th. Sidhe numbers

    Some Sidhe (Autumn Sidhe? not sure) used the Changeling way to survive, so they should be a feasible PC option. I have no idea as to numbers.
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    Star Empires on DTRPG

    It's probably the early release to backers version, with a price tag to keep it limited to them (and perhaps one millionaire who likes to f**k with people). I have seen that with other products in the past.
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    [Comics] House of X - the big X-Men relaunch

    I recall reading somewhere that Hickman expects to return to it next year, so it seems more a hiatus thing than an untimely end.
  11. Michael K

    [Comics] House of X - the big X-Men relaunch

    It appears to lay down a new base upon which to build, so I think after 3 issues and with all the usual caveats that, yes, this is a good point to return to the X-men.
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    Infinity vs Shadowrun 6e vs Cyberpunk Red[+]

    I would go for Infinity first, although I'm not too enamored with 2d20 the setting makes up for any misgivings I might have. I loved it since it came out as a minis game. Shadowrun has the magic / fantasy appeal and it has been one of my go to-games for 3 decades by now, but my 3 hour testrun...
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    Shadowrun Sixth Edition?

    Regarding Healing, this was what we used in our testrun; I assume it is RAW but my GM is one ocean away and therefore everything I know about the rules has been communicated by him. First Aid: Biotech + Logic (Essence - 5 threshold) Medkit: Biotech + Logic (Essence - 5 threshold) Magic: Sorcery...
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    [V20] What's a Tremere to Do?

    It's Vampire, so I suggest healthy paranoia: Obviously, your spirit mentor is lying to you and your memory has never been wiped. Whoever send them is also using the Nosferatu to push the narrative that your clan and the Prince are plotting against you, probably to goad you into some foolish and...
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    The state of FFG Star Wars?

    Obligatory curse directed at whoever at LucasArts thought PDFs of an RPG should be a big no-no because whatever. Heavy sigh That said, I find myself time and again looking over the product lines and damn but there is a part of me that wants these books. So far the more reasonable part of me is...
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