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  • Sorry, missed your message somehow. I am not watching the notification too often, sorry. Actually, I have to admit, that Traveller is not my favourite setting and I have a campaign going. But nice to know, that that there are some other gamers out there. Let's keep in touch!
    No worries mate and glad to meet ya! Always good to know there's another gamer out here in Hungary. Actually, by the by, I'm forming an "older person's" gaming group; first game set to be on the 14th or 21st of January; game is Classic Traveller. By older, I mean, say, above 27 or something. Have you got a bit of spare time once a month Saturday? It's an all English group of course (and feel free to answer in magyar - I just wanted to type this fast and my Hungarian is slow enough to make turtles cry. Can read it okay though.
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