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  • Hi Paul,
    My name is Rob Lang, the author of The Free RPG Blog and Icar (the Free Sci Fi RPG). I have attempted a review of Zenobia, which I thought was truly fantastic. The blog entry will go live tomorrow (Tuesday 9th of December at Midday, GMT) and I do hope you like it. I can't say I've read it cover to cover but I will be returning to those pieces I skimmed. It's 226 pages of delight. Please do pop over to the blog and leave some feedback, I'm keen to hear a retort!

    Many thanks for sharing a fab piece of work. I do hope opening the PDF still gives you as much pleasure as it did me.

    Best regards,

    Rob Lang
    (P.S. Also a Brit, based in Reading)

    Saw your posts about your previous forays into writing Dragon Warriors-esque material. Can you drop me a line off-site (james@magnumopuspress.com)? I'd be very interested in talking to you about writing for DW, whether that's just a short adventure or two, or supplements.

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