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I first joined the hobby in 1982. Now I write my own historical RPGs. History is my thing, I graduated with a degree in Ancient History and have written four history books as well as GURPS Atomic Horror. And I'm a Gibson-loving cyberpunk at heart!

Anything historical. I collect Roman pottery fragments as well as fossils from the local beach. I read history, I write it. As far as Fantasy and SF - I don't read any, and my favourite movies are the Aliens series. Cyberpunk - see? Love that Giger!
East Yorkshire - Near the Beach - A Slinger's Para
I work with school-children who have 'special needs'. I've also been lucky enough to start a roleplaying club at the school!


Paul Elliott
CAMP CRETACEOUS: Dinosaur roleplaying, suitable for children! Go back in time to the Cretaceous as part of a time-travel field expedition.


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