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    OSR survey

    I'm a part of the Cepheus Engine scene, which 'might' be part of the OSR community, since it is a mix of Classic Traveller and Mongoose 1st edition. I'll try the poll, and see...
  2. Mithras

    Feedback on die roll mechanic

    Kenco is dead on, rerolls are a 'flabby' way of resolving an action, just prolonging the mechnic but without adding extra depth or detail. D6 is a very finite resource, and I would urge you to move to 2d6 where the possibilities are greatly expanded. D6 games are possible, but the results are...
  3. Mithras

    [Zenobia + Solo Rules]

    The venerable free RPG Zenobia has been reformatted and expanded by myself, and part of the expansion is integral solo campaign and scenario rules. It’s a paid product, but the new layout and the expansions are well worth it (IMHO). The playtest of the Solo Zenobia rules was interesting and...
  4. Mithras

    Need a Great Cyberpunk Game

    urbwar's right about how Zaibatsu-Cepheus Engine damage works. Most characters have 7 Str, 7 Dex, 7 Endurance and an autopistol does around 2D6+1 damage. When End is reduced to 0 you are knocked down and suffer -1 to actions, when two stats are at zero you are seriously wounded and...
  5. Mithras

    [Cepheus Engine] Hostile - Gritty, Near Future Roleplaying

    Zozer Games releases HOSTILE for Cepheus Engine, a gritty, near future roleplaying setting inspired by movies like Outland and Alien. It presents a universe of mining installations, harsh moons, industrial facilities, hostile planets and brutal, utilitarian spacecraft...
  6. Mithras

    [Zozer Games] SOLO - The Traveller Solo Roleplaying Option!

    It's truly been years in the making, SOLO is a compilation of the different solo rpg techniques that I've been using this past decade to run everything from naval patrols to hunting parties, crime gangs and imperial survey scouts in unexplored subsectors! And it's pretty much version-and-edition...
  7. Mithras

    [Zozer Games] Far Horizon: TL 9 Spacecraft and Kuiper Belt Mission

    Far Horizon is a Near Future science fiction adventure and spaceship book for Cepheus Engine and for the Classic 2D6 SF roleplaying game that is based on. It is 2100 AD and the Earth’s Space Development Agency has funded a mission to the outer edge of the Solar System. Pluto and Charon have...
  8. Mithras

    [Zozer Games] Orbital 2100 for Cepheus Engine/Mongoose Traveller

    ORBITAL 2100 ORBITAL 2100 is available on DriveThruRPG and as a softback on Lulu. It has a realistic (TL 9) feel that is set within our own solar system. The Earth us locked in a Cold War with the people of Luna. Both face off, 400,000 km apart, threatening mutual annihilation whilst they...
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    [Zozer Games] Camp Cretaceous - RPing With Children

    Great! Don't let the first chapter put you off, it is intended for the REFEREE and describes the time travel set up, its organization, the backstory, so you have a firm grasp and can answer any of those odd and surprising questions that children ALWAYS ask mid-game!
  10. Mithras

    [Zozer Games] Camp Cretaceous - RPing With Children

    Currently promoted until Sunday 10th July, free until then!
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    War in Afghanistan

    Certainly they would be American characters, perhaps British too, purely this is due to the roleplaying need to identify with their character. Books and movies taking the Afghan perspective are difficult to get hold of, the Vietnam game focussed on the American perspective, not those of the Army...
  12. Mithras

    War in Afghanistan

    Well, in my opinion ... :) .... it will be a first class treatment, of the stresses and realities, not some gung ho Rambo III rehash. But, looking at that D20 thread, I noticed the date was 2002, which tbh is way too early, America was still reeling from the Twin Towers attacks at that time...
  13. Mithras

    War in Afghanistan

    I wonder if it is still to early to write a combat game set in Afghanistan? I know ten years ago during the D20 explosion, there was an Afghan war game that was slated because it was such a sensitive subject. I wrote a Vietnam combat game some years ago and it is available on Drivethrurpg, and...
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    Another name for "Romantic Fantasy"

    I roleplay with children from school, and our fantasy is minus the mass slaughter. Our plots and settings are more akin to 'Fairy Tale Fantasy'. Everyone is on the same page with that label.
  15. Mithras

    SF/Horror - looking for system recommendations

    The best horror requires isolation and being cut off from help and communications. Perhaps the setting I worked on might help, it uses the Traveler rues, but is set purely in our own star system and has been reviewed favourably. It is extremely hard SF, with reaction rockets, rovers, solar cells...
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