• Don't link to the video of the Christchurch shooting, or repost links to the shooter's manifesto.

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  • Hiya. Thanks for the reply. I was really apologising for not noticing that some folks had visted my page, possibly as far back as when I registered, but I hadn't realised and so hadn't acknowledged them. Yeah, it'd be great if you could cast an eye over my current games-in-progress: Sci-Fi Beta Kappa is about to be published in ashcan form, i.e. we don't have professional artwork yet as the artist is in the middle of a gruelling MA course but the game is ready to all intents and purposes; re: Where The Heart Is: I'm currently taking submissions about what things folks would like to see in the game, what things removed and what things altered. Again, it's playable as is, and I'm looking for facilitators to test-run it and see what they think. Do you have any games in the pipleine yourself?
    Hi there. I've just spotted that you visited my profile page at some point since I joined. And I didn't even offer you as cup of tea and a biscuit. Very remiss of me. But I've now updated my profile so that it gives you a wee bit of info about me, so please, drop in again some time- I'll put the kettle on and we can have a brew-up and a natter. Chierze Leo
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