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  • It isn't my site. When I accessed it everything was fine. I don't know what's going on either. Sorry.
    There's no schedule - it basically comes down to enough people posting stuff for me to respond to, and having some time to sit down and focus on it. Usually I prefer to do it before bed, mainly because it is a nice start to the day to read the responses.

    I would like to get it back to once a day, but some of the players are being so slow! (not you!)
    I usually enjoy reading back over my own stuff too, so is fine and normal. :)

    Wordy is good! I like wordy!

    Craving a game to play in, but there is none atm. :(
    Yup, as the only Inquisitorial contact you have is Marrik who hasn't given you any instructions regarding this sort of thing, it's entirely ad hoc. Maybe doing so may have consequences down the line from parties unknown, but that's all part of the fun, right...? :)

    Finding safehouses is an influence roll, although you already know of one as you sent Reso Baks and the clerk there. So if you want to send someone else to the same place, you don't need to make any rolls other than those involved in convincing the individual to go.

    Father Matta looks to be in his 60's. He's elderly but still fit. He's not using a stick or anything. He probably couldn't manage much of a run, but he could certainly do a long or quick walk.
    Only visually really. :)

    My BC character needs to declare war on the dice roller, which seems to absolutely hate her!
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