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  • It took me a bit, but I got these done for you.

    Tyrannosaurs: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13352313/Picture%20003.jpg
    Mountain Pass: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13352313/Picture%20002.jpg
    Village: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13352313/Picture%20001.jpg (I'd probably crop that where he rainbow has a weird kink in it.)
    Hedge Maze: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13352313/Picture.jpg
    Grand Scissorman: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13352313/Picture%20006.jpg
    Other scissormen: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13352313/Picture%20005.jpg
    Transmogrified wizard/stone snake monster: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13352313/Picture%20004.jpg

    I don't recall doing a giant ant in the Monstrous manual thread (I skipped real life creatures and giant versions thereof). But if there is a useful cartoon from that project, you're free to use it. (Each doodle is Creative Commons licensed CC-BY. Do whatever you want with it as long as you provide attribution.)
    Also, if you get the tiem:

    Hedgemaze. An entrance to a magic hedgemaze with the rest of maze sort of impressionistically sketched in background. I'm gonna do a big version of the maze myself by using the Photoshop clone brush instead of artistic talent.

    Grand Scissorman. Mean looking Giant Scissorman with hands welded to huge scissors. Does hueg amount of damage but will probably cut own head off.

    Thanks for offering, just do what you can.

    (PS I had to break this up into two posts due to 100 character limit)
    Cheers mate.

    I was looking for:

    Scissormen. That is religious maniacs obsessed with scissors. They are armed with scissors and have sort of helmets with scissor-shaped facemasks which are supposed to be scary but actually make them look liek they have Elton John glasses on. A few of them standing together looking menacing plz. They are the main badguy.

    Giant Ant. Do you mind if I use the pic you already did on that thread?

    A Rock Monster. He's actually a wizard turned into a monster by magic. He's sort of a giant worm with tentacles and an Easter Island statue head. Vaguely anthropomorphic. PS he's a goodguy.

    A tyrannosaurus rex in full plate armour with a frickin lazor strapped to its head.

    A town on a bend in a river with a rainbow over it that is the place PCs have to protect.

    A sort of twin-peaked mountain with a pass between the peaks. Literal 30 second job.

    Space Elf you already did so chrz 4 that!

    It's not quite what I envisiaged, but it is hella awesome.

    Howevah I it has totally broken my visitor messages page because it is so hueg, and apparently visitor messages don't auto-resize pictures to fit.
    Thanks mate.

    I am just finishing layout on a (totally unrelated) book tomorrow, and it is consuming my life. I feel like the episodes of Dexter where he has to balance being a father with murdering. I will get back to you ASAP, thanks for the offer.

    One thing I can think of that I definitely want in my adventure, a space elf!

    That is an elf with extra pointy ears and extra arrogant looking, with a magic wand that is kinda a phaser (thing Darth Dooku lightsabre) and a tricorder with a crystal ball on then end waving them around, who is wearing kinda light padded armour, with a crashed spaceship in the background.

    What adventure doesn't want one of those hey?
    It's not too late actually.

    It's the thing in my sig. I promised to do a free adventure if a kickstarter made a certain target, it didn't but I'm going to do it anyway and half-ass it.

    I was planning to release it b4 the actual kickstarter was done, and it shouldn't take too long too do, I kinda had it in my head. I had to do layout for something unrelated to RPGs, and other shit happened, so if you want tp help then plz do. I was looking for a literal handful of little pics.
    Hi, I am trying to do a free adventure thing, the one in my sig.
    (Though it isn't doing at all that great at the mo).

    Can I in any way scam you into drawing a few monsters for me, plz?
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