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    Tell me your favorite one-shot indie games

    There are so many great games for one-shots out there these days. I happen to like: Fiasco - It's an indie game classic at this point. It tells a complete, hilarious story in about two hours of poor planning and big mistakes, in almost any setting you could want. (Currently Kickstarting a 2nd...
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    Strangest House Rule

    I once played a heavily houseruled version of D&D where for some tasks you had to roll a d20 and add your modifier to get higher than a DC (totally normal), for some you had to roll a d20 under the stat in question (fairly common but redundant with the other skill system) and for other tasks you...
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    What is the most "heretical" house rule you've ever instituted?

    When running 3rd edition, I threw out experience and the CR system at the same time. 3rd Ed's CR estimates were useless at the best of times, and we were running a solo gestalt game, so they were even more wrong. I as GM never had any idea if a fight would be a cakewalk or impossibly difficult...
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    Early 20thC Labor unionists?

    Jason Morningstar is (or was at one point) making a larp about early 20th century labor organizing, because of course he is. There's Gears of Defiance in tabletop, which is pretty close to what was requested.
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    RPGs with card rules

    The PDF is out to Kickstarter backers. They're currently working on getting the game books printed.
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    RPGs with card rules

    The Yellow King RPG uses cards for injuries and mental trauma, but not for any other part of gameplay.
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    RPGs with card rules

    Games that use a regular playing card deck: With Great Power... 1st edition only (the new version is dice based) Hillfolk and Dramasystem The Fifth World Nine Worlds Project Dark Blade Bind Tarot Deck: Alas Vegas Custom Tarot-like deck: Ganakagok Everway Custom cards: The Shab Al-Hiri Roach...
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    What would you use to run a game based on The Magnus Archives?

    Lovecraftesque would be the game that could get closest to the structure of the podcast. Each time you play, you sit down to create a horror tale together, focusing on one single protagonist's experiences with something mysterious and horrifying. everyone would play the statement writer...
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    Philip K. Dick: The RPG

    Left Coast is your best for an RPG that is more like VALIS, The Divine Invasion, etc. It's a game entirely made to be about an author whose science fiction stories are leaking into their reality, and questioning what that means. Other games to check out: Misspent Youth has the Android's from...
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    Cooperative board game survey

    That's a good idea. I almost never use BGG. But the people there would be interested in this sort of thing.
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    Cooperative board game survey

    Thank you to everyone who completed the survey.
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    Cooperative board game survey

    A friend of mine is running a survey about cooperative board games. Maybe you’d like to participate to help give a clearer idea how people feel while playing these sorts of games? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfg4ZTgJuKdTlYRMqKUwVnZy9p6lmD7E244aziqcnJHwd0zKQ/viewform
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    Origins Game Fair 2019

    If those are the sort of games you're looking for, you'll find them mostly at Games on Demand. So they wouldn't be in the main event listings. I'm pretty sure several of those were played in GoD in previous years, but I don't know if those specific games will be offered this year. (Games on...
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    Gaming supplements that never were

    Narcissist, the supplement / sequel to Continuum: Roleplaying in the Yet. It was the game where you were presented with the time travel setting from the perspective of the antagonists of the Continuum game. But since the Continuum are clearly wrong in their beliefs and immoral in their...
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    A thread of folks publishing TTRPGs on Itch.Io

    Browsing by tag can find you even more games that are of interest, more tabletop games published there. https://itch.io/physical-games/tag-tabletop-rpg https://itch.io/physical-games/tag-tabletop The Indie RPG Pipeline has recently been really good at cataloging all the TTPGs published on Itch...
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