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    (5e) I feel so lost

    The DM emailed me back yesterday morning but I was out and about all day with parties and stuff so I didn't see it until just now. Basically he's walked back the earlier statement about not being able to progress as a warlock, which is cool. Also he says I misunderstood and loss of class...
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    D&D 5 Rat Queens STATS

    Yeah change 'em. Why not? I'm pretty sure that the pregens were built with a standard array by Wiebe, so the constraints on ability scores was there to begin with. I was super unimpressed by Dee's build and wanted to write a custom domain for N'Rygoth, but after running the one shot I never got...
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    (5e) I feel so lost

    Sorry human person :) I somehow held onto a quote from you and don't remember where it was from. I'm not super familiar with the new forum's capabilities yet. To other posters suggesting that I try PbP, I have played a few pbp games on and one on Rpol (i think it was called, years ago)...
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    (5e) I feel so lost

    I mean pretty much just the keeping her secret angle was fun, I didn’t get to play much of the tragic romance. The DM and I used to date so I thought letting him rp as the husband would be fun, I mean I pitched him the character and he told me he thought it was awesome and the she was his new...
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    (5e) I feel so lost

    Alas there are none better in my city. I mean there is always Adventurers League but ugh. The last DM I even tried playing a warlock in pulled a massive bait and switch that invalidated everyone’s class at the end of the first session.
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    [5e] Are there any actual patrons?

    I just checked 1d4 chan, looking for info on the Prisoner in Iron who I used as a NPC in a few 4e campaigns AND learned that Mike Mearls put together a Lloth patron and a Kracken patron for his stream.
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    (5e) I feel so lost

    My concept was a noble woman who lost her husband on their wedding night and was unable to raise him from the dead, made a deal with a devil called Suighille to return her beloved to life in exchange for a certain number of souls, and that the devil had no intention of resurrecting her husband...
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    [5e] Are there any actual patrons?

    Or she could have been referring to the UA: Fiendish Options article. When I built my warlock, I specified to my DM that my patron was called Suighile the Black, and that he was an advanced nightmare, the steed of Glasya, archdevil mistress of the 6th level of Hell. And despite fiendish warlocks...
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    (5e) I feel so lost

    It feels so satisfying to complete my characters story arc, but now I am left unsure of my place in the party and I was so surprised to reach the conclusion of the trouble that I pitched to my DM as part of my characters concept that I wonder if I should even keep playing her or simply retire...
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    How would you run an Animal Crossing-inspired RPG?

    Tom Nook kidnaps the PCs, and tells them that they have to work off a massive debt to earn their freedom but he will only pay them in his company currency and they still have to buy food (unless they catch it, or farm it) from his company store.
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    Can we use gunpowder? Please.

    The firearms that I had in my last campaign were as follows: Nerathi legionnaires employ a few simple firearms, each is relatively inexpensive if temperamental. These weapons require access to alchemical firepowder, essentially "gun powder," to use. All share some common weapon properties...
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    How many years have you been roleplaying?

    Twenty years now as of March 13th.
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    Looking for a method to structure collaboratively creating a neighborhood with my players

    Well I bought pdfs of Beyond the Wall, and Further Afield. I didn’t find the village creation system to be that inventive, and I haven’t bought Diaspora yet. Below is what I put together after reading Beyond the Wall and skimming Further Afield. I also own the King is Dead, and the Quiet Year...
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    What are the best/most balanced mutations for use in D&D?

    I’m thinking of running another post apocalyptic fantasy game in 5e, these tend to be my favorite flavor of D&D. I want to include mutations but I’m not sure on what rule set to use for them. What are my options? I have the 4e Gamma World and one of the expansions for same. Third party...
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    Fellow DMs; be honest. How well do you know the rules?

    Pretty well. My main issue is forgetting how certain spells work, like that Animal Friendship doesn’t work just like Charm Person. As such I usually try to offer my players Inspiration for politely correcting me anytime I get a rule wrong. I do have issues when I switch from 5e to 3.5 or from...
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