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  • I am very sad to report that I haven't sat down to start this project yet. I was all set to go and life kind of changed that, real quick too =). There was a man who was blogging about what he was doing with Strands of FATE in hopes of permanently switching his group from the newly released BattleTech: A Time of War (BT RPG 4E). I've attempted to contact him but he has never replied. I would love to know what kind of success he was having. I wish I could be of more help. I think the thread you are speaking of contains a link to that guys blog post. If it doesn't and you would like his information, just let me know and I will track him and his blog post down again =)

    Hi Mulsiphix,
    I just found your posts about "Modeling BattleTech Using FATE". How is your progress and how good did it work for you? I had the same idea of using FATE for BT RPG a couple of days ago as I am unhappy how our campaign works using the 3ed Edition rules of Mechwarrior. I am a huge fan of Diaspora and have used modified rules to play some Star Wars scenario. But overall i have not much experience with FATE. In terms of conversion I even thought about to use modified Diaspora personal combat rules to simulate Mech-combat. Hope to hear from you.
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