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  • Sorry, I got rid of this some time ago.
    And in fact I'm now curious. I have gotten three pms today on my trade thread, and hadn't had any traffic at all on it for well over a month now. Some type of board hiccup maybe?
    Hi Munch,

    I'm interested in finding out more about your Navia Dratp demo starter. You say "Excellent+" condition...has it been played with? If so, is there any wear-and-tear on the cards, gameboard, or figures?

    Also, are all of the pieces accounted for (especially those little crystals)?

    If it is in excellent condition, let me know how much you are asking for it. I can pay with paypal.

    If all goes well, we'll both be smiling like a butcher's dog! (I live in Pittsburgh and work across from Mellon Arena).

    John (ReverendBayes)
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