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  • Aloha!

    I just tripped across your thread about world building. I'll keep an eye on it! I will now pester you with setting element ideas via PM in the hopes of Inspiring your players! I can't pbp.

    Good luck!

    PS idea #1:
    There's a pantheon of jerk gods called the Bound Pantheon. A few thousand years before start of game, an adventuring party stopped some plot the bound pantheon had to kill all the other gods. The Party's wizard betrayed the party, corrupted their big ritual and ascended to some cosmic sphere, but bound the jerk gods on "earth" to massive runed cages that bind them tightly. Massive cathedrals were built around the gods as prisons. The descendants of the rest of the Party built kingdoms around the cathedrals and see that the gods are placated but remain imprisoned.
    Flavor the cities as academic, religious, militant, etc.

    The leader of the Bound Pantheon is slowly corrupting his stewards with warlock pacts. I leave names and stuff to you.
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