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    Best Mechanics to Steal from Non-D&D Games

    These aren't necessarily direct lifts, but shifts inspired from other RPGs: -Some kind of Fail Forward, a la PbtA. If you miss an attack roll in combat, you can still hit, if you're willing to take a hit from the monster as well. -A Tenra Bansho Zero style inverted death spiral. For every (x)...
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    Best Shonen Anime Simulation-RPG

    Oh, Anima Prime for sure. It takes a while to get used to, but the combat perfectly emulates that "charging up for your final attack" rhythm. And as far as combat systems go, it's just fuuuuuuun.
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    Collectivizing Ownership of Hit Points

    I really like this thought. So you'd have both individual hit points and a victory clock, which then allows for all sorts of hard choices and heroic sacrifices.
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    Collectivizing Ownership of Hit Points

    Yeah, and that's where those PbtA style protection moves are so nice. They're not full blown Hit Point Communism, but they do create a degree of Hit Point Socialism.
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    Collectivizing Ownership of Hit Points

    With my current Anima Prime game, I've made it a rule to always treat groups of monsters as a single large entity, with a single action pool, set of wounds, etc, and who takes a turn every time a player takes a turn. This works out really well, both in that's easier book keeping-wise to have...
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    What is the least playable RPG?

    I played this! If it's the game I'm thinking of, I bought a copy of it in an English bookstore while backpacking through Europe in 2009. Me and my companions played it on a train, as a joke. If I recall correctly, almost everything was randomly generated, and you had a 60% chance of your class...
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    Best System for Driving?

    I haven't played either of them, but I've heard good things about Spycraft and Feng Shui 2 in terms of chase rules.
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    Gygax had the deity Zagyg. Who is the NPC with the reverse of your name in your game?

    I never did an anagram of my own name, but my last D&D character was named Vedra DeRist in honor of our lord and savior Dave Strider.
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    What is the least playable RPG?

    After reading a thread about Space Opera and it's byzantine rules for throwing and catching, a question rises: What is the least playable RPG? In terms of overly complicated, unweildly systems, who did it best?
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    Skill Points vs Skill Pyramids

    I think the main thing I like about pyramidal structures is precisely that is forces characters to have some high skills and some low skills, whereas just distributing skill points (in my experience), tends to lead to just having a handful of extreme specializations. The current setup I'm using...
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    A class as weird as its setting?

    For me the real Fresh Classes were the Spider and the Leech. Most of them relate back to fairly common RPG class types - sneaky one, talky one, fighty one, magic one, etc. - but the Inventor and the Schemer tend to come up a lot less.
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    Grenades and How To Handle Them

    For my own action RPG, grenades work roughly like this: When you throw a grenade, you have one central target you're trying to blow up that you roll against. On a critical hit, you also strike an additional target. On a critical miss, you also strike one of your allies. Of course, this is in a...
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    Skill Points vs Skill Pyramids

    I'll be honest, I had never considered a pyramid as even a potential advancement structure.
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    Tag Based Weapon System

    Hmmm... I think I might be coming to a thought on armor. Armor tags grant you resistance to certain types of damage - blades, bullets, bombs, and so on - costing one equipment point for each type. Said resistance invokes the "only take damage on a major success" rule. Characters have between 2...
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    What a 6 year old taught me

    For me at least, this type of narrative choreography is the primary purpose of having action sequences in the first place.
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