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    Games that de-centralize violence: tell me your favourites

    More like a 5th perhaps. The reason they gave was simply that it was more profitable to bypass combats and go straight for the treasure as that was where all the EXP came from. This changed from 2e on. Though they did add more rewards for non-com RPing. But that is another dynamic of D&D that...
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    -Mon campaign, ideas?

    It is a fairly straightforward and freeform system. Though finding the core rules and the Seizure monsters book may be harder now that GOO is long gone.
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    Fortean campaigns?

    Personal favourite is Beyond the Supernatural: The original, not the vastly neutered new edition: All sorts of weird creatures and phenomena to investigate and allowing for everything from Kolchak style play to Extreme Ghostgusters style play and everything in between. Others I like are...
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    NERO Larp owner lied about purchasing land and ran $28000 gofundme on improving land.

    From listening to others purchasing land I suspect what happened was that the person doing the CF vastly underestimated the costs and hassles of both acquiring land and more importantly. The sheer number of hassles getting permission to build on said land. Contracting, building permits, zoning...
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    Is It Me?

    True. But after a point it gets harder and harder for that to happen. But... Keep in mind that a KOed character is VERY vulnerable. Advantage to hit them and every hit is a critical and criticals when at 0 HP count as 2 failed saves. As for the OPs problem... Sounds like there was more going...
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    -Mon campaign, ideas?

    BESM is relatively easy to run. But like Gurps the DM needs to lay down some limits on what can and cant be used. Seizure Monsters is another toolbox set. You can run straight up Pokemon style, Digimon style, Monster Rancher, etc. As the trainer/partmer or as the monster. Even gives some sample...
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    Games that de-centralize violence: tell me your favourites

    Bemusingly early D&D De-emphasized violence and rewarded coming up with ways to NOT get in fights. For games that have less combat in them or at least make it non-lethal there are the following old ones. Call Of Cthulhu: No really. You do not want to get into any violence in that! TOON...
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    Star Frontiers websites wiped out completely?

    One of the modules explains it a bit more. They are conditioned and hypnotized to kill themselves. There was also some insight into their culture which is apparently highly dependent on robots. Also if I recall right their civilization was currently under sway of a military faction, one of...
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    Endless Quest series

    I have the complete original EQ series and some of the Super EQ series. I did some troubleshooting for two way back. The EQ books were squarely in the YA range and were bog standard COYA style. Same for the short lived Crystal Catalyst romance series which was actually fairly well done from the...
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    5e Magic Items

    Xanithars Guide to Everything adds 48 or so new common magic items. All relatively low level stuff. Lie Armour of Gleaming. is allways shiny.
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    Settings where "Heaven" is a playable local

    AD&D/2e had the Manual of the Planes. Not a bad book touching on the elemental and outer godly/hellish/whateverish planes. I believe there was an RPG called Immortal where you played gods imprisoned somewhere? Also TSRs Marvel Superheroes had the supplement book Realm of Magic which detailed...
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    -Mon campaign, ideas?

    Personal favourite for Mons style RPG is Cute Fuzzy *Cockfighting* Seizure Monsters expansion for Big Eyes Small Mouth. Allows for play as a trainer or a pet and does it fairly well too. So far the best approach I've seen. The rest tended to lack enough flexibility.
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    B/X Titansgrave...

    I have done this before for BX and so has a friend. My approach was actually pretty simple. Port over the weapons from 2e Gamma World. The damages are not too far off the mark. A GW Dagger is 1d4 for example and a Long Sword is 1d8. The stats for a GW Shotgun are found in Treasures of the...
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    Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. How are they all still alive?

    This article here was the most extensive I could pin down on what it all meant. There is at the bottom a little explanation of its development process too. Hope that helps. http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Second_Sundering Short answer is 4e changed stuff a little too much some felt and...
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    Origins/gen Con LARPs?

    Is this the same "Mirror Universe" one that was held in MN back in the 90s?
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