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    [MtG] Magic General Chat Thread

    I don't enjoy draft because I'm bad at picking cards, bad at reading the signals from other players as to what archetypes have been picked, and bad at building decks from the cards I do pick... ...but the only way to get better at Draft is to play more Draft, so. Yeah.
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    [turned into a Warhammer 40k thread] Alt-righters getting banned off Patreon

    You could have a small cadre of Tech-Priests overseeing and making the appropriate offerings to keep the factories running, while having servitors, serfs and slaves providing the bulk of the labour.
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    The Boys - new superhero show from Amazon

    TBF GL really doesn't have anywhere to keep a wallet on that costume. Unlike Animal Man, who thought ahead and added a jacket to his ensemble explicitly for that purpose.
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    The Boys - new superhero show from Amazon

    Is Wee Hughie still Scottish? Because that's close to a deal breaker for me.
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    Rewatching Hitchcock's The Birds (1963) After 25 Years AKA I Finally Get It

    See, this reading of the film is fascinating in light of Hitch's... less than enlightened attitude towards the fairer sex, especially those without the social capital to protect then from his bullying, such as Tippi.
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    [NETFLIX] Black Summer

    I love the series, but to my mind it's very much of it's time. A post Trump Black Summer would be very different from a post Bush II Black Summer.
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    [40k Game Megathread] - Do not post in support of the Emperor of Man

    I O_o'd seeing that. It's the right blend of gothic and WTF and broad pun that takes me back to early 40k.
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    I want a new Gold Box Game (in style anyway)

    What are the essential qualities of a Gold Box game, as distinct from RPGs in general? How would one define it?
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    Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself; Lucifer, Season 4

    Moar bisexual Lucifer plzkthx
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    [NETFLIX] Black Summer

    I caught the first segment and... I'm not totally off the show, it seems really well made, but I'm not in the headspace for even competently executed misery porn. If the show isn't just misery porn I'd appreciate a heads up. As for being a Z Nation spinoff.... I cant see it. Z Nation was a...
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    Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker Teaser Trailer

    I will always parse Sheev as Steve. Steve Palpatine, Magic Space Nazi.
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    Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker Teaser Trailer

    That has to be Yavin IV because Endor was blown to hell after the Death Star II exploded so close to its atmosphere. The Ewok dance party was just Rebel propaganda. It's actually a blasted wasteland now.
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    Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker Teaser Trailer

    I think it's more important that Rey show that anyone can rise from humble beginnings to be a hero, than it is for her to be a linear descendant of the Skywalkers because fanwank. I'm OK with "Skywalker" to become a title or name for the new Jedi order. That's dope. Mythic even.
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    [BioWare] Dragon Age 4 to go "live service akin to Anthem"

    One of the linked articles points out that "live service" as a company directive is seen as a way to avoid people trading single player games back to Gamestop as soon as they've been finished: EA doesn't see a cent from the second hand market so if they can incentivise folk to hang on to their...
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