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    Forged in the Dark & the Faction Game

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. It has been a blast to play and we'll be playing again this Saturday evening on the Actual Play twitchstream.
  2. Paka

    Forged in the Dark & the Faction Game

    We're running a two person Bluecoats investigative game inspired by True Detective and Sherlock Holmes. Here's the youtube playlist if you care to watch.
  3. Paka

    Most Important Thing in a Planescape Adventure

    Ooh, I wrote a blog post about this. Imbalance in the Outlands.
  4. Paka

    💯 {Staff Pick} [Sine Nomine] Godbound

    I'm off to play this in a few hours: It is a tale as old as polyhedrals – a group of delvers goes into a series of monster-haunted pits, gathers riches and turn their ambitions and expertise to the real world. You know where it goes from here. They take over, become heads of guilds and temples...
  5. Paka

    Band of Blades is out

    There is an implied history between the Legion and the long-dead Emperor that I think you'll dig.
  6. Paka

    Band of Blades is out

    Between missions the big decisions are made by the Commander, Marshal and Quartermaster (with Loremaster and Spymaster if you have 4 or 5 players). There are between-mission scenes with rank and file soldiers (rookies, specialists and soldiers) but the big tactical decisions are made by those roles.
  7. Paka

    Band of Blades is out

    I've been GMing it for a few weeks and having a blast, really enjoying it.
  8. Paka

    D&D Podcasts

    Thank you! 3 come to mind immediately, someone already mentioned Fear of a Black Dragon: Asians Represent! From the site: Asians Represent! is here to celebrate the brilliant Asian creators in the analogue gaming community while examining the challenges they face within the industry. They...
  9. Paka

    [Powered by the Apocalypse] Good Playbook synergies?

    I had a cool thing where a player took their second character mid-campaign as a Quarantine, so we got to see people from our world enter this apocalyptic wasteland with fresh eyes. It was really cool.
  10. Paka

    (Marvel Heroic) Sources of Milestones?

    Here's a link to blog posts I wrote with milestones. Hope it is helpful!
  11. Paka

    [Any] OSR system for an all-wizards dungeon crawl

    The Nightmares Underneath with the supplement, The Nameless Grimoire has Wizard, Scholar and Cultist from the main book and also the Avatar, Battle Wizard, Blood Caster, Chaos Mage, Druid, Mystic, Shadowsneak, Spellslinger and Witch. That might work. I love the system (and am preparing to start...
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    Zweihander RPG: I really like this game

    It has that bite of British satire that was in early Warhammer stuff that I really dig.
  13. Paka

    Dictionary of Mu

    Thank you for the kind words. I'm working on something and hope to start playtesting it soonish. It is basically me house-ruling D&D until it becomes its own game. Once I've got something worth sharing I'll do so. Thanks again. I'm blushing.
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    Waterdeep, Forgotten Realms and Urban Campaign ... Input Please

    When I've run games in the realms I only use the Olde Grey Box, the original FR books that first came out. They have everything I'd need and sometimes I look at wiki articles here and there. I'd say just take the parts of the Realms that you like and make up the rest. There are wiki articles...
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