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    🎨 Creative RPG Story theme: is this interesting?

    Thanks for the feedback people - very helpful =)
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    Need a skill name ...

    Gets my vote too
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    Hypothetical: Kill vs coup de gras

    Interesting. My question would be: is there a way for the downed opponent to return to fighting? My would I kill or not would probably correlate with how easy that return to fighting was.
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    🎨 Creative RPG Story theme: is this interesting?

    Hi there. Like some / many of the others here I've got an idea that I'm working into a game. What I want to do before I invest a mountain of hours into it, is just sense check the overall story theme to see if it takes your interest - please let me know! The elevator pitch is: "Its 2035 and...
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    Structuring Combat Skills

    The thing that struck me is how much you want your characters to be able to specialise / train into a particular equipment set vs. the 'I've looted an item and have no idea how to use it' scene that sometimes occurs. And does it matter if you're wrapping a grenade launcher, crossbow and...
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