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    🎨 Creative [Trinity Continuum] Renaissance-era Talents

    So, I'm considering the potential uses of Trinity Continuum's core once it's released, and one idea that I'm revolving around is a Renaissance-period game about Italian swordsmen and Inspired super-science... and my question is, "am I basically just replicating 7th Sea here?" I suppose a valid...
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    🎨 Creative [Chuubo's] Masters of Evil: The Seven Sins of Lord Entropy

    So, I'm not always clear on these Chuubo creative threads, but... if there's a Lord Entropy I, there's implicitly a Lord Entropy II somewhere in the background of events, right? edit: Actually, never mind, I just reviewed the first post.
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    [Exalted] the Realm is here!

    This does make sense when considering how the Command merit operates in 3e. Like the lowest Size of a battlegroup you get with that is on the talon/wing border, so inherently any Dragon-Blooded in a position of legion authority will be at least a talonlord, more likely winglord or above...
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    [Exalted] the Realm is here!

    Calling the native people of the Blessed Isle "Wan" is a little on the nose, but I'm okay with at least having a term now.
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    [Exalted] the Realm is here!

    That... may honestly be the best thing I could've hoped for, means I can do whatever I want with it now. Arjuf Dominion's Gotham, here I come.
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    [Exalted] the Realm is here!

    While I know the discussion isn't quite there yet on the subject of basic geography and tourism, I am very nervous to see if anything was done with Nishimo this edition, because its position as this crime-infested city on the brink of societal death, was always a little integral to a particular...
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    [Exalted] What do you want to see for Sidereals in 3rd ed?

    I've been thinking on this myself, particularly given some of the (questionable) decisions they made in 2e with abilities getting shifted around to account for a lack of Brawl and Endurance, or the addition of War. I've seen a number of the 3e hacks shift around the Banner and the Shield to...
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    [Exalted] What do you want to see for Sidereals in 3rd ed?

    Fundamentally? Parity aids ease of instruction. "You have 28 dots to freely distribute" is easier to explain than running through a massive chunk of "Here is what a Chosen of Serenity needs to look like, now try to balance your concept on top of it". But, like I said, it's a just a small, petty...
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    [Exalted] What do you want to see for Sidereals in 3rd ed?

    1. A character creation where the Sidereals have the same general spread of dots as everybody else. This might seem like a petty thing, but it's kind of what prevents me from utilizing the various 3e fanhacks. Give them 28 dots, maybe have some extra specializations from the Divisions in order...
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    Mummy: the Curse Second Edition (CofD)

    This seems like a really intriguing choice to make. I mean, I like 1e and Sothis Awakens was very fruitful in terms of "how do I do historical narratives when I'll inevitably fuck up as a non-history major"; but the idea of Arisen as time-travelers (and not in the way of the joke of 'just very...
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    OOC Clover Town Stories [Golden Sky Stories]

    I'm okay, and totally understand the position you can find yourself in when DMing runs up against other elements (given I just had to end my other game due to my more-or-less executive dysfunction). I would love to see an epilogue, and feel that Nene did her very best throughout to be who she...
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    OOC Bakemono Gakuen (Monsterhearts 2nd Edition)

    Okay, I don't believe I'm in any kind of position to maintain a game at this stage, so I'd like to put an end to this campaign, and thank everyone for their time, effort and patience over the past couple months.
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    IC Bakemono Gakuen (Monsterhearts 2e)

    Okay, let's move forward in time a little, to after school. Kimiko, I know it seems like I've forgotten (along with so many things), but you had a study session planned for after school today, didn't you? Sora and Jiro invited you yesterday. How about you tell me on just where it was you...
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    OOC Bakemono Gakuen (Monsterhearts 2nd Edition)

    So, there're some things I'd like to discuss, and get some feedback on. Is there a way I can more effectively get you guys interacting with one another? I've felt for a while that either through my own set-up of scenes or grouping things up that I'm trying to arrange four solo narratives into a...
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    IC [Golden Sky Stories] Clover Town Stories

    (+1 Dream for Getsuya) Nene (W: 13, F: 18, D: 11) [Town (Admiration): 2, Alice (Admiration): 1, Alma (Like): 1, Kage (Trust): 1, Kara (Affection): 2, Mary (Like): 1, Suzume (Protection): 1, Terry (Admiration) 2, Thalia (Protection) 2, Thomas (Rivalry): 1] "Suzume's right. Your dad couldn't...
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