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    [SPOILERS] Avengers: Infinity War.... turn back now if you haven’t seen it

    That's actually what I have always quite liked about Thanos. He's the "big bad" not because he's personally mind-bogglingly powerful ( though he's a very, very heavy hitter), but because he's singularly ambitious and focused on his goal. He's the Doctor Doom of Marvel's cosmic side: very...
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    Why are the 80s Suddenly Directed by Spielberg?

    It seems... odd to say Gen-X folk are the people least likely to fall for hokey, Amblin-lite stuff, given they were the ones who fell fully for the Amblin stuff to begin with. Goonies, ET, Indiana Jones, Stand By Me, and all the rest was my childhood, or at least the media side of it, in the...
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    Pokemon Go it's out!

    It's a critical catch, meaning you don't go through the normal 3 pokeball twitches to ensure a capture.
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    [DCCU] Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Spoiler Discussion Thread)

    Neither is her kid. He's just Clark.
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    BvS: Begun the Flame Wars have

    I look forward to endless BvS threads all over the place reaffirming my opinion the internet is growing increasingly tiresome as time goes on.
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    [MCU] "Daredevil" S2 Episodes 8-9-10 (Spoiler Thread)

    The end of episode 10: they are playing with some audience expectations right there.
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    [MCU] "Daredevil" S2 Episodes 8-9-10 (Spoiler Thread)

    Well, I'm through episode 8 now. Since this is a spoiler thread, I don't need to drop blocks, but I guess I will anyway because this is a big one.
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    [MCU] "Daredevil" S2 Episodes 1-2-3-4 (Spoiler Thread)

    One thing I like is that it harkens right back to the intro scene of Matt and Foggy in the first episode. Foggy wants his wingman to come out with him, to boost his romantic success, but Matt tells him he can't take the night off, because of his responsibilities. So end of episode 4, Matt...
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    The Walking Dead 0613 The Same Boat

    So... pretty much exactly like Rick and his crew, minus the benefit of being the focal point of the narrative? Because the Rick of the last few seasons is someone whom the Shane and Rick of season 2 would have agreed without reservation needed to die immediately, if not possibly sooner.
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    [HorrorPack] Film Recommendations Thread II: Dawn of the Good Stuff

    Yup. I'd also say Inside, which is just God-awful and horrific... but wow. That movie has stuck with me for years.
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    New Ghostbusters Trailer!!!

    Some of the effects look pretty good, but I think the movie will be forgettable. I'm still going to see it anyway, because I think Holtzman is going to be a great character. As a young boy when the original Ghostbusters came out, Venkman ended up being my model of what it was to be a cool...
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    [MCU ish] Who is Marvel's most marketable Asian superhero?

    "Whatever knows fear burns at the touch of the Gwen-thing."
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    Artwork Opinions Wanted!

    One would assume with a title like Over the Stars, the ship would be positioned... over a star, not a planet. The colors of the top cover pop the best, but the ship should be more prominent on the cover, and I don't personally think you're well served by having the cover divided into 3...
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    [Mechwarrior Online] Six Major Eras of Battletech—The Sixth MWO ilThread

    I haven't played the game in months, but unless things have changed entirely, you just cannot go wrong with the Crow. It's reasonably fast and tough, and you can mount a ridiculously diverse array of weapons on it. My personal favorite was a shit-ton of streak missiles, because atomizing people...
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    [J-Horror] Sadako vs. Kayako (The Ring vs. The Grudge/Ringu vs. Ju-On)

    I'm thinking it's going to be "I'm not left handed either."
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