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    Even better if you give them a vague allusion to a real word, like 'smeg'!
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     Any recommendations for podcasts that aren't just a bunch of people sitting around and chatting?

    I think any suggestions will be dependent on your particular interests and location, but my favourite podcasts in my feed are: Slow Burn (an in-depth investigation of political and media responses to major US political scandals) Amicus (a very wonky examination of the US Supreme Court and...
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order trailer dropped

    So I've just watched this trailer, and have no idea what the game is. I just saw some cinematics set in the Star Wars universe.
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    Getting Used to the New UI

    Thanks for the quick reply Shannon, and for all the hard work over the last week with the forum transfer!
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    Any fans of the COIN system?

    So I recently picked up Root from Leder Games, and having played it a half dozen times I absolutely love it. The way that the different mechanics of each faction forms a little ecosystem is so captivating - it's definitely one of my favourite new board games in a long time. I know that one of...
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    Getting Used to the New UI

    There are a questions which were asked upthread, but I haven't seen addressed: 1) is it possible to change the width of forum posts? There's an awful lot of unused space at the edges of the screen; 2) how do you disable avatars in the new forum software? I've had them disabled for over a...
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    Games That Aged Beautifully

    I'm not a fan of Touhou games, but I do think lots of games in the bullet hell genre from the '90s-2000s (particularly those by Cave) definitely fit the criteria for the thread. They're generally sprite-based (so don't have the low-res polygon problem that makes a lot of PS1/2 games from that...
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    Games That Aged Beautifully

    Space Ace from 1983 has better visual and sound design than any modern game. (Of course, it's only ten minutes long...) I'll edit to add that for all the current industry's fixation on immersion and narrative (often at the expense of gameplay), that Super Metroid simply oozes atmosphere, and...
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    The D&D E-Sport will be called "RPGSports" (updated)

    Re: The D&D E-Sport will be called "DnDSports" Kind of like Frag King?
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    Hilda - New Ghibli-flavoured cartoon coming to Netflix

    How did we get this far into the thread without anyone mentioning that the theme song is by Grimes?
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    I have played Root, and it is an amazing game

    I've been watching playthrough videos on youtube and reading the quickplay guide online, and am super excited to get my hands on a copy! I put through my preorder a few days ago, but sadly it probably won't arrive in Australia until mid-September. Which factions did you play in your games? Did...
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    board/card games that use a common "engine"

    Would Agricola and Caverna's approach to worker placement count?
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    Squares, Hexes or Gridless

    Hexes for RPGs and board games, inches for miniatures.
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    First date/ icebreaker couples games? looking for recommendations.

    From the perspective of dating (rather than gaming) advice, I wouldn't bring along any "hobby" games unless you're sure your date is already a gamer or has expressed interest in them. A first date is for getting to know someone and lightheartedly chat, not to puzzle over the rules of some...
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