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     Currently active bands with that 70's & 80's hard rock sound?

    I don't know if they 100% fit the description in the OP, but Muse would probably be right up your alley. They're kind of like what Queen might be like if Freddie Mercury were still alive today. Also, Knights of Cydonia is arguably the best music video of all time...
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    What classic games would still be hailed as masterpieces if they debuted today?

    The Marathon games. Marathon 2 especially.
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    [Star Wars] Your favorite Star Wars moment
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    Training Day + Urban Arcana = Bright, with Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.

    Oh shit, dude. Does that mean you haven't seen John Wick 1? Brother, do you have a minute to spare to talk about John Wick, Our Lord and Savior, and the Second Coming of Sweet Action Movies? He Who Has Amazing Fight Choreography All Done in Steady Framed Shots Where You Can See What The Fuck Is...
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    What Is It you Want, Mary?

    I credit this movie with saving my life more than once. There have been moments of deep depression, and times when I think it'd be better off if I'd never been born. And then I think of George Bailey, and I'm reminded that we influence each other in so many invisible positive ways all the time...
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    Training Day + Urban Arcana = Bright, with Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.

    I guess you haven't seen John Wick 2 yet? Or Atomic Blonde?
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    [Spoilers][Star Wars - The Last Jedi] rate it

    Re: [Star Wars - The Last Jedi] rate it Easy 10. It's the best Star Wars movie released since I've been alive. It's beautiful and moving and sexy and funny and it has a real message at its heart about the value of failure. I loved every second.
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    What's your Game of the Year for 2017?

    Nier: Automata. It's one of the most emotionally affecting experiences I've ever had in games. I had a whole thread about my gushing love of it. Runner up is Horizon: Zero Dawn. One of the few open world games I've played in the last few years that really used the open world structure, it's...
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    Hearthstone V: PRAISE YOGG!

    I've played a decent amount of wild deathrattle hunter and this just seems awful. It's a worse version of literally any other card you can get, in the 6+ mana slot which is already really crowded. I would run the Gelatinous Cube over this any day.
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    Zelda-ish games for the [PS4]

    This might not be exactly what you're looking for, but Horizon: Zero Dawn is very, very good. There is melee combat in it but it's not the focus. You mostly use a bow with trick arrows to fight giant robot dinosaurs. Utterly gorgeous, and the best open world game I've played since the Witcher 3.
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    D&D PHB Cover Art Review

    The older I get the more I appreciate the Rules Cyclopedia in every way. It just really is the best RPG book ever printed, isn't it?
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    Is The "Home Game" Going Extinct? Should It?

    Speaking for myself, I have never had a more consistent game than this year when I started running in a local store about 6 months back. Now, the store has been very nice and even though most of the tables there are AL, they let me have a table where I can run whatever I want. So I run my Points...
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    The Ringer's "50 Best uperhero Movies Of All Time List"

    I wouldn't put Superman at #3, and I would argue that Burton's Batman is a much better movie from that era. I mean, sure, Superman is mythic and it gets major props for being groundbreaking at the time, but I deduct major points for the deus ex machina ending. My list goes something like 1. The...
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    Throne of Lies - Werewolf/Mafia social deduction game with a fantasy twist

    I got turned on to this game a week ago by a Hearthstone streamer (Savjz), and I've been totally addicted ever since. The player base is sort of small still (only about 500-1000 people online at any time), but you can still usually find a game in under 2 minutes. The game is like Werewolf, but...
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    Hearthstone V: PRAISE YOGG!

    That's Matt Mercer's voice in the trailer, right? Seems appropriate they'd get him for the dungeon crawl expansion.
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