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Peter Svensson

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  • Mr Svensson, it seems your inbox is full. I have a question from your Satan-what are your music playing capabilities? Would records be alright? Or would you prefer cds, mp3s, maybe even tapes?

    Your inbox appears to be full. You know that improper burial leads to ghosts, right?

    Anyway: Yeah, I was kind of afraid that it'd be like that. :D Didn't-Buy-It-At-The-Time Remorse!

    But thanks! Now I can add the titles and author properly to my mental list.

    Could be worse; could be the game of "I have everything except that one remaining volume which some jerk online has the only copy of and wants hundreds of dollars for."
    Just to say, Madoka is also streaming on Crackle. And they just put up ep 10. Not sure if Crunchy did so yet. (The threads are entertaining, especially since this is my first viewing of Madoka).
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