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  • M. Tromeur,

    Hello! I am an enthusiastic fan of your game "Wuthering Heights Roleplay"! To this day, it is one of the most popular games among my acquaintances, and it has produced consistently enjoyable play.

    I was wondering about your policy regarding derivative works. Specifically, would you be opposed to me producing and distributing (for free, and with acknowledgement of your work) alternate and expanded rules for Wuthering Heights, or hacks of the game based on other sources?

    Thank you,
    - Will

    (P.S., Can't appear to contact you via PM, will try Visitor Messages and perhaps email if I can find one! Feel free to contact me at willcoon at gmail.)
    Hi Philippe! I would like very much to speak to you about your experience hosting the Hybrid RPG, but your private mail box appears to be full. Would you be willing to shoot me a PM?

    Hey, I was wondering- what happened to the Wuthering Heights webpage? I went to the URL but it says it was taken down. It's a wonderful game.
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