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    Return of He-Man

    If that panel is any indication, Kevin Smith is certainly saying the right things. I'm excited to see what comes of this.
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    The Boys - new superhero show from Amazon

    If memory of the books serves me right, the true identity of Black Noir is a pretty notable plot point. I'd guess that the reveal of his identity would be a S2 or S3 storyline...
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    What as-yet-unannounced Marvel Movie/TV project would you create an excitement thread for?

    You pretty much got that in Netflix Daredevil S3. Quote and everything...
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    What as-yet-unannounced Marvel Movie/TV project would you create an excitement thread for?

    Rise of the Midnight Sons. They're laying the groundwork already: Helstrom and Ghost Rider on Hulu. New casting of Blade. Dr. Strange going the route of a horror-movie. When all of these finally converge, it'll be a thing of glory...
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    Strangest House Rule

    We use the 'moose rule' as well, when speaking out of character; it makes for a quick, easy signal that you're stepping out of the role.
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    Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell boardgame out now

    The Dice Tower panned the game pretty heavily for a lot of the same reasons. That pretty much made my decision for me...
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    SDCC Harley Quinn trailer

    I've been very loathe to shell out for DC Universe, even as every major media property seems to be moving towards their own streaming service. This is the first of the DCUniv properties that makes me potentially consider changing that. I likely won't, but this certainly does look amusing and I...
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    Has anyone run "Courts of the Shadow Fey"? (5e)

    Much obliged; I was beginning to think that I was alone in this one! My party is currently a dragonborn warlock (fey pact); an elven ranger (Horizon Walker), and a half-elf paladin (Oath of Vengeance). I'm not too worried about the paladin, in terms of being put in the proverbial 'heart of...
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    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

    I've got to say, I'm so disappointed that this is a Switch exclusive. I played the crap out of both MUA and both X-Men Legends games, and would love to have a good couch co-op game to play with my wife. Alas, we have only the PS4...
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    DM's Guild D&D 5e Call of the Deep

    $40 for a print book, I'd easily pay that. But just the digital product? It's just higher than I'd want to pay. $25 as a price point would get me on board, but yeah, too much right now.
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    DM's Guild D&D 5e Call of the Deep

    Man, $40 for a pdf. Ouch... That is a shame, because yeah--pirates, tentacles, and cultists? That'd be my jam entirely.
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    Etherfields? Anybody know more?

    Going to be honest: if the writing on the Kickstarter page (and some of the cards) is indicative of the writing in the rulebook, this is a hard pass for me. It's rife with what appear to be translation-related grammar errors and other odd turns of phrase. Maybe the end product would get a...
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    New PS4 Owner

    I'll never not recommend Dragon Age: Inquisition. You can get the Game of the Year edition (which includes all the DLC) for pretty cheaply on the PSN store.
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    Has anyone run "Courts of the Shadow Fey"? (5e)

    Pretty much what it says on the tin, gang. I was planning on running "Courts of the Shadow Fey" from Kobold Press for a small group in the near future, and was hoping to see if anyone had any insights or feedback on the campaign. I'm likely only going to have three players--a warlock, a...
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    Mordhau caters to the toxic.

    If we're talking awesome warrior-women in history, I'd also toss in Shagrat al-Durr, who was responsible for demolishing the Crusade of Louis IX and pretty much ending any degree of crusading in Egypt.
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