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    Amazing Moments in Mediocre Media

    Pretty much any of Frank Langella's monologuing in that movie. His performance was absolutely the high point of the movie!
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     [Spoilers] Avengers: Endgame Little Details You Loved

    My wife said something about that scene that really stuck with me. She compared Hawkeye's reaction to that of a pet wandering around the yard, in the days after another pet had died. The confusion, the hectic back-and-forth, the disbelief.... Jeremy Renner sold the hell out of that scene.
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    All New All Different MCU Rumor Thread

    Please, please, please...Midnight Sons....
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    Sell me on a new PS4 game

    I'll also toss in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Not quite an open world game, but it might as well be, with how big each of the area maps are...
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    Origins Game Fair 2019

    I'll be there, running games with my usual group. I'm only doing 4 games/16 hours of events this year, so I might have to some free time to meet with a few publishers or even *gasp* play something...
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    Things you love that players do

    Precisely this. For some reason, my current game--a gritty, vigilante/police procedural centering on a serial abductor and murderer--has had the PCs continually sharing information at a hipster mac-and-cheese restaurant called "Ummm...Yeah!" Since then, pretty much every session has included...
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    Avengers: Endgame Trailer # 2

    Agreed. After we got cheated out of "Ultron, we would have words with thee...", the Russos had better pay off the iconic line in a big way.
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    Avengers: Endgame Trailer # 2

    Bonus points if Cap gives the "Look at what you've really done..." speech.
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    🎨 Creative D&D 6E: what would you keep/ditch?

    Oh, yes! Hands down, one of the things that's gone over the best with players of my own game has been the action economy of "Do Two Things." Either it's a Thing, or it's Not a Thing. Sometimes, special abilities turn Things into Not-Things. But, fundamentally, everyone can default to "I...
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    LGBTQ+ rpg podcast

    Absolutely. PM me whenever you're ready and we can hash something out.
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    LGBTQ+ rpg podcast

    I'd be interested, for sure. I'd also be willing to discuss perspective as a bi- creator.
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    All New All Different MCU Rumor Thread

    What would thoughts be on actually introducing the X-Men through the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline? I'm imagining something that generally follows the plotline of the original comics: some cosmic hero (maybe one of the Eternals, after they've been established) arrives back on Earth, only to...
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    [Sentinels of the Multiverse] I'm diggin' it

    I was pretty sure he adds the Devastation Tokens if he doesn't deal *any* damage. As long has he hits an environment (or even a villain target), the tokens don't get added.
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    [Netflix] Love Death + Robots

    I think Sonnie's Edge gets a pseudo-pass due to its overall genre (Cyberpunk-ish stuff tends to be darker in content on the whole compared to some of the other sub-genres), coupled with its central conceit. I mean, it's fundamentally about jacking your brain into a genetically-engineered...
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