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    [WIBW ] The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

    And it is plausible there were other hidden Gelfling than Kira and Jen. After all, Jen kind of blunders into Kira by chance.
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    The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance - Teaser Trailer

    It is also plausible that the Skeksi at the time were way less obvious with their dickery, especially since they probably werent experiancing the existential dread of rotting in their own bodies yet. Consider how much of their evil is driven by a need to prolong their own lives, which I would...
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    Worst movies with the best visuals

    Snow White and the Huntsman looks amazing on all fronts but man is it a mess plot wise. And the less said about its pacing the better... i
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    Final Fantasy XIV

    I also can't fault Square Enix for wanting to stretch the garlemald story out a bit. One of WoWs big problems storyline wise was they dealt with the Scourge in expansion 2. Waiting for Expac 4 to go to Ilsebard might be wise, especially if the IC time passing during this xpac allows for a...
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    [Joker] The first trailer has just dropped

    I don't know how to feel. On one hand it looks well filmed and well acted. On the other hand, a solo joker title is not a promising start, and doubling down on the grim is probably not what DC needs to be doing. I'll need to see more.
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    🎨 Creative March Painting Thread

    75 points of Khador. I need t0 finish bases and sealing as weather permits but the actual painting is done. Sorry for the poor image quality.
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    [Warmahordes] Low-sodium discussion thread

    They are pushing back the Hearts of Darkness testing until the Oblivion CID since, apparently, it was designed with elements from Oblivion in mind and they want to test the "core" Dark Legacy infernal theme more this CID
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    Honest Query: What happened to Warmachine? Also, why?

    My local tabletop group has been doing faux-competitive warmachine (casual games at 75 points using steamroller rules). It has been going over quite well. The card database and the free rules has made it so we can reliably proxy whole factions and the CID system is just lovely. I hope they get...
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    [Warmahordes] Low-sodium discussion thread

    Almost certainly.
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    [Warmahordes] Low-sodium discussion thread

    I wouldn't be surprised if a larger tithe wasn't a special rule on something. Or some other forced/triggered essence loss. I will be curious to see how it goes in the CID next week.
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    Screwed up a priming job: help!

    This works well for Metal mini's but plastic and resin minis will melt right along with the paint.
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    Screwed up a priming job: help!

    I've never used an ultrasonic cleaner on minis. But I have worked with them before and, at least the ones we had in the lab, could turn aluminum foil into powder in about 2 minutes.
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    Anyone have decent results from craft acrylics?

    There is a Folk Art metallic blue paint I've found makes a good top coat for mythril like armor effects. But you need to have a few layers of Citadel or Army Painter metallics underneath it.
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    Kill Six Billion Demons 2: a few demons more.

    And lots of people succumb to Incubus's wiles, it's his whole thing. Far fewer free themselves of them.
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    [Warmahordes] Low-sodium discussion thread

    If you are playing mostly with a group of friends and are a little short on cash warmachine is really easy to proxy up for two important reasons. Figures have rule-defined volumes not model dependent ones. The cards are available for free online. This can let you buy models AFTER playing...
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