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    Save the Music What-If

    A bunch of older Weird Al, most of the KMFDM and Slick Idiot discographies, Rip Slyme's stuff up through 2004 or so, the Star Wars soundtracks, Devo's greatest hits, and both Plus-Tech Squeeze Box albums. Sadly, the fact that I got into them after the rise of digital music means that the future...
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    [Spoilers] [General Anime Summer 2019] Create a General Anime Thread, with the light God could not know

    What's even more bewildering is that the time my Crunchyroll account got hacked, the person used it to... watch the first two episodes of One Piece. Like, they had control of it for weeks, and that's all they did. They even changed the subtitle language and stuff, so it seems like they were...
  3. Rabbit Éclair

    Final Fantasy XIV

    Last night I healed Vault for the first time, with a newbie tank who was running in leveling gear and with outdated gear in a lot of my own slots, and I think I may need some sort of therapy now.
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    [Spoilers] [General Anime Summer 2019] Create a General Anime Thread, with the light God could not know

    Ohhh, Symphogear, welcome back, how I have missed you. The fight didn't outdo the ridiculousness of previous season openers, but I can't think of a much more concise picture of the show than everybody standing around in Antarctica in leotards and then punching a giant monster with a rainbow laser.
  5. Rabbit Éclair

    [Meta] Games You'd Really Like to Play VI: Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

    Something like that could be pretty cool in general. I loved the game's setting, although the weirdness lurking along the edges was definitely a big part of that. For something heavier on the mech combat front, Lancer would probably be my ideal, but... Lancer's got kinda crunchy position-based...
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    [MCU] Spider-man: Far from home (I has seen it) (Spoilers)

    Yeah, I was kind of hoping he might still be around one way or another, but... the movies have mostly shied away from that, and the fact that most of these characters get one movie every few years doesn't leave a lot of room for recurring villains.
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    Final Fantasy XIV

    Hey, I'm currently Scholar! ... and Paladin too, since that's what I have at 70, but I'm just kinda... holding off and trying to level Scholar rather than jumping into brand new content as a tank. I did almost resist the urge to glamour into viera, though, despite picking up the game in the...
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    What is your favorite 4x at the moment?

    Civilization 5. Civ 6 has some interesting ideas but I don't think it comes together as well as a whole, the Endless stuff never really grabbed me, and the few times I've played Paradox games, I came away going 'well, perhaps some day after I spend about three months watching Youtube tutorials.'
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    Not Here to Play Games: Struggling with Enjoying the "Game" Part of TTRPGs

    Probably irrelevant, since it sounds like your itch isn't gonna be satiated by writing, but: NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month, where every November, people attempt to write a 50,000 word manuscript. Archive of Our Own is a fiction archive, primarily focused on fanfic, but with a...
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    Path of Exile in 2017.

    Aaaaand they overhauled how accuracy is calculated to be a bit more generous, allowed your chance to hit with attacks to get up to 100%, added the Precision aura to further help with this, and rearranged the melee areas of the skill tree. Along with overhauls and overall buffs to several of the...
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    Path of Exile in 2017.

    So now that the new league's been live for about a month, I've gotta say, this might be my favorite one so far. Not necessarily just for the Legion stuff itself (which is pretty good), as for... the whole state of the game overall. Basically any playstyle is viable at the moment. There's a huge...
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    [COH] The City of Heroes Legacy Megathread - Part 2 [READ REDTEXT IN POST #1]

    That's been one of the, sadly, refreshing things about having it back. The playerbase, too. On Everlasting at least, every time I've run a Hess TF or something, the entire team is very unabashedly "heck yeah let's punch some space nazis!"
  13. Rabbit Éclair

    [COH] The City of Heroes Legacy Megathread - Part 2 [READ REDTEXT IN POST #1]

    People have found a few hacks for that, yeah. Essentially, if you save your costume to a local file, then edit the values in the file, the game doesn't validate all of them when you load the costume back up. This will let you be quite a bit shorter or taller than the game will otherwise allow...
  14. Rabbit Éclair

    What sort of impact would Saitama have on the MCU?

    I feel like all the 'Saitama would splatter Thanos and cancel Endgame' takes miss that Saitama's gotta get there first, which isn't traditionally his strongest suite. Obviously the whole time the giant fight is going on, it keeps cutting to Saitama, a few hundred km away and swimming at about 2x...
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    Custom Settings: How much reading is too much?

    I guess you can put me in with the apparently-small camp that would prefer a pretty substantial amount of setting up front. Most of my more fun characters have been tied to existing factions and stuff. My current Lancer character is a slapdash disposable clone who's only slowly figuring out that...
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