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    [Marvel Heroic Roleplaying] A Few Tweaks?

    I agree with @Abulia pretty whole heartedly, thoguh I didn’t have as much issue with reactions. Still, the complications is definitely how you beat those thugs with invulnerability, or use other forms of stress. That’s how it’s done in the comics.
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    The future of GURPS

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve played a lot of d&d over the years, and I prefer other systems now. I have seen a strong uptick in the quest for “something else” that does a thing they can’t envision in d&d. It’s been a rising tide for a while now, and irs raising all of the ships.
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    Modiphius Elder Scrolls

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    Is there a GURPS renaissance happening? (No, not a GURPS Renaissance renaissance)

    I would agree here, as a giant Mythras fan. They are both pretty front loaded, and especially for Mythras, for the GM and the campaign. Tuning the magic, deciding what options you want to include - you’d do these things in either. Myself, I just prefer the linear dice mechanics. I still use...
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    Is there a GURPS renaissance happening? (No, not a GURPS Renaissance renaissance)

    i suspect it is a mess of people who have tried D&D and are looking around for other options due to preferences. I can't count the number of "I want D&D but more of this or less of that" questions I've put in recommendations for in the last two years. truly a staggering number. many times it's...
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    West Marches campaign frame for espionage?

    Sounds like a French resistance during ww2 game. The flavor is a little different, but the red hand of doom is adjacent I think. Overwhelming force, don’t get cause or it’s all done.
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    (Cortex Prime) - Any broken combos out there?

    it has one. on Wolverine, BR96 spend 1PP to recover your physical stress and step back your physical trauma by -1
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    (Cortex Prime) - Any broken combos out there?

    I never had an issue with area attack. It wasn’t common enough that a hero would have enough effect dice st s high enough level to make a difference. One that always got me was the notion that the effect die and the actual attack power might be disconnected - you had to make sure they actually...
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    Classic Fantasy Unearthed Companion?

    Not a TDM rep, but follow closely. Rod’s been working on it AFAIK. He posted a little bit ago to the classic fantasy mailing list that it is progressing, but he’s had multiple family issues that cropped up. It seems like things are moving in the clear, and I know there is content for it, as I...
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    [Shadowrun 5] Troll Street Samurai hogging fights

    no, you don't. you need to use ranged opponents :) He's doing his job up close. you are trying to meet him on his turf. change the game. No one else can stand on his turf, including the other team members. that's his moment. You need to offer the others things they can do, and put it on a...
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    What's the new hotness in Cyberpunk RPGs?

    For my own, I made ex-Corp as a culture for Mythras, with the fact that you are outside the system as a premise of the game. You are ex-Corp and got out, you are street and are again, you are rural and maybe want to get in, you are nomadic and I don’t know yet :) largely defined a set of skills...
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    What's the new hotness in Cyberpunk RPGs?

    lets not forget Corporation, Interface Zero, several Blades in the Dark hacks, my own Mythras hacks, Punktown for Call of Cthulhu, Ultramodern 5, Sigmata, Eclipse Phase, Zaibatsu, and probably more, depending on your hotness desire, definition of cyberpunk, and your dislike for shadowrun.
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    Raiders of R'yleh

    I own it. It apparently has some extremely strong similarities to Mythras/Runequest 6, and those were not discussed with the Mythras folks. I’ve not spent a lot of time trying to figure that out. It is very much a Mythras-style 1910s game. Very call of Cthulhu style.
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    Looking for combat based fantasy game

    I would jump on the Mythras bandwagon here. It differs from RQG in that’s combat special effects are more choice based and it is not tied to setting (as much as one can take RQG out). The recently (as of yesterday, actually) published Mythras Companion includes some pretty robust and tactical...
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    Runequest Essentials: Who Has Run a Game With It?

    I did a long time ago for a one shot to get my group onto what is now Mythras. It worked great, and I do wish that Imperative included a bit more sometimes. Still, Runequest Essentials is a fine product and you can easily run whole campaigns with it. It’s actually not missing much outside of 3...
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