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    Runequest Essentials: Who Has Run a Game With It?

    I did a long time ago for a one shot to get my group onto what is now Mythras. It worked great, and I do wish that Imperative included a bit more sometimes. Still, Runequest Essentials is a fine product and you can easily run whole campaigns with it. It’s actually not missing much outside of 3...
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    The status of Cortex Prime?

    @Cam Banks should be able to help
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    BRP Palladium?

    My choice on that was to not. I could not see how a rogue scholar in power armor was any different than a SAMAS pilot, other than lack of ability to pilot a SAMAS. At that point, armor is armor. Dragons get some, etc. If you need a weapon to go through the armor, use an armor piercing instead of...
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    BRP Palladium? been tinkering here
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    Runequest/Mythras is this a viable character concept

    Quite viable for Mythras. there are even multiple ways to do it. The rules on not getting POW back is a convention for the core rules, but hardly required. In sorcery, he would use Enchant, Combined with what he wanted to Enchant. So, if he wanted to make a magic axe that did better damage, be...
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    Which Runequest should a Noob start with?

    New runequest is lightly crunchier than CoC. It adds in hit locations, for example. That having been said, I don't find it particularly crunchy in any event. If it's the world that interest you, might be of use. it's the no-system flavor...
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    Bringing back old campaigns

    I still love ToEE. It's just now I run it with Mythras Classic Fantasy, and it's like a whole new game :)
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    [WIR] TMNT/After the Bomb/Road Hogs

    That is an impressive pun. I had to go look it up, and I entirely approve. Thanks for trenching me a new word.
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    Dumb stuff your group has basically internalized at this point

    We have a few things. A lot of one off references that became the norm over the years mostly and I only think about them in the moment. One 13th age game my most straight laced “roll” player guy said “blah blah blah, skip the flavor text” and that stuck. I got revenge on him by taking advantage...
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    Street Cred and Rep

    Mythras has something like this in it's Monster Island supplement. Essentially, a percentile score for the rep or the cred. You can use that percent to augment a skill (add 20% of it), or as the skill itself in some cases. I put together a similar sort of thing for my Mythras Cyberpunk hack. I...
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    [Yet another] Recommend a system to me thread

    I have played it and run it. I would say it is at most medium crunch, and not very at that. It's pretty light. sadly, I don't think I can offer any help. That covers most of the systems i would use for that space (BRP derivatives, particularly Mythras). I might suggest fate of the norns...
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    Games That Get Little Love, Save From You

    Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok, which is mentioned occasionally but generally by the same folks :) runes for randomization, all sorts of meta stuff such it. Black seven, a little stealth rpg. Designed to do specifically stealth games. I love it for importing into other systems.
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    Battle royale of the sword & sorcery RPGs!

    Mythras for me, having run it and found it quite to my taste for a Conan game.
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    [Maths] Trying to understand opposed dice pools

    it's a 60% skill vs a 50% skill :)
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    Which sword & sorcery game and setting would you choose?

    One could easily do that, it would not be hard to remove the parts that are a little less S&S too, like elves and dwarves and priestly healing, etc. the books were designed to be portable.
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