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    [Sell me on] .hack

    I've got an old PS2 kicking around, and I've always been curious about the .hack series. I've got a soft spot for those retro cult-classics that were well-received but never quite got the following to stay alive after switching to the next generations of consoles. After finishing some Armored...
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    [Elite Dangerous] Transmissions From A New Commander

    In light of the new carriers coming in December, I have been preparing to afford one. I just made my first billion painite mining in the belts. I refit my anti-thargoid cutter to do some bulk mining. I don't think its as lucrative as void opal blasting per-ton, but it is much easier to find...
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    [Elite Dangerous] Transmissions From A New Commander

    And here I was thinking my anti-thargoid cutter was going to be a pain to A-rate. Hrm. I think I"ll do some thargoind hunting for a bit, then maybe trading to see the costs. I do think it quite romantic to build your own large cruiser as an exploring vessel to go out and see the stars.
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    Oh Shit Son - Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

    The flight mechanics feel like a cross between X-wing and Freelancer. However, Rebel Galaxy is probably the most accessible space game I've played. It includes a "fast travel" autopilot to cut the time out of the warping from place to place. There is also an autopilot feature that is helps when...
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    40k Dumb Questions on the Primarchs

    The Emperor's parenting skills are only rivaled by Goku's.
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    Oh Shit Son - Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

    The Durston is costly to fit out, but once you do its really nice. Its got enough guns and enough cargo to do anything. I think its my favorite of the ships.
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    Oh Shit Son - Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

    I've already sunk in way too much time. It's a real love letter to the old arcade space titles. Some of the cargo freighters remind me of ships from the old X-wing and Tie-fighter games. I've got the coyote. I did a quick spraypaint orange with some red at the front in a cool fire-like...
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    Make a 'Mon Out of You [Pokemon/Mulan mashup video]

    Tons of other subtle references that get better with more knowledge of Pokemon. For example, the move Double Team raises evasion; while Swift has a 100% hit rate regardless of the enemy's evasion. Also, HM04 is the move "strength" So the trainer is really calling our digimon hero weak.
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    The Wandering Earth (2019 Chinese film)

    I watched it. I enjoyed it the same way I did The Core or Armageddon. Its about on par with those two, for better or worse.
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    Make a 'Mon Out of You [Pokemon/Mulan mashup video]

    Thanks for sharing. I'm a sucker for these mashup sort of things.
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    The XKCD Unpopular Positive Opinion Challenge

    THE masterpiece that starts at 11 and then cranks it to 12 for the finale? 50%? What!? They can't write Redline off like that! Those critics are just a voice pal, they don't know a damn thing about racing! Put me down for Redline too, Equilibrium, and also Atlantis. Its 51% critic score, but...
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    The XKCD Unpopular Positive Opinion Challenge

    Speed Racer (2008). Hoodwinked (2005). I attribute their low critic score due to the pervasive darker tone (a la the Dark Night) and pervasive cynicalness (like Shrek) at the time. They are good movies. They just didn't match the popular tone of the decade it seems.
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    Online Elite Dangerous community brings joy to a young teen’s last days

    As the elite community puts it: o7 commander, fly safe.
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    Criticism that misses the point

    I remember reading a few reviews for the Wachowski's 2008 Speed Racer that went something like this: The aesthetic is too garish, cartoony, and the tone is too sincere and saccharine. It's like the movie is an adaptation of the Speed Racer cartoon or something.
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     ( official ) Game of Thrones S8x6 “The Iron Throne”

    I, for one, welcome our could-be-present-right-now overlords.
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