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Now Updated! Hacking Diaspora to MASS EFFECT 2.0.2 (RPGGeek.com alternate mirror), and the companion document N7 Operations 1: Weapons, containing full colour CCG style handouts of the game's signature weapons.

But wait there's more to be found at the RPG.net Diaspora adaptations wiki entry and the original thread here!
Also author of The Transhuman FATE of Diaspora, and Diversifying Diaspora Vol 1, random character creation and more using Gullerbutry's Weighted Fudge Dice Tables

"When Reaganstorme says he is licensed in electrical things that just means he is allowed to borrow thunderbolts from Zeus and Thor occasionally." - Hybris
"Holy crap, Reaganstorme, that's good stuff. You're like a white hole of gaming, churning endless, radiant awesomeness into the cosmos." - Dirigible
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