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    [WIRR] Where I re-read the Dresden Files part 2

    Glad to see this thread, and now its successor, return to my Subscribed Threads notifications. Since last time, I've managed to pick up a copy of all the Dresden Files audio books. James Masters is fantastic to listen to. I've been listening to them on the hour long drive to work each day...
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    Yet More Discussion About Questionable Content

    As my wife has pointed out to me many times in the past, white clothing can emphasise a woman's, ahem, curves. Marigold in a white, figure hugging dress is an absolutely magnificent sight to behold. Yes, Dale may certainly be in a bit of trouble... Talking coherently, thinking logically, etc...
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    Recommend me Aussie TV!

    Apart from locally filmed fare such as Farscape? Hmm... Another vote for the Underbelly mini-series-es, and Rake, in which you might recognise Moriaty, Sherlock, or Dracula. Bondi Rescue is well received local reality fare filmed on Sydney's famous Bondi Beach.
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    Yet More Discussion About Questionable Content

    I think it works, personally.
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    Bizarre Fan theory for people to knock holes in.

    Found this through another member looking for this thread. Love these ideas and recall that I was thinking a lot of the same things when the movies were out. Well, what about the "downloading skills" in the interface of Layer 2 to Layer 1? All that data is absorbed essentially...
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    Need some ideas for a weather themed dungeon.

    How about an Ice Bridge room? Party has to traverse from one side to the other across a chasm gusting with wind along a frozen and slippery path only wide enough for one. Additonally, it could be a vertical trek as well, have to cross multiple bridges from one side to the other and back again...
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    [Wuxia Movies] Any new movies that can keep up with CTHD, Hero and House of flying Daggers?

    Would Kung Fu Hustle (2004) be acceptable in this context?
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    Is there a better cyberpunk movie than "RoboCop"?

    I think I agree with you here, though I usually think of the tranhumanistic aspects as "the considering of ideas of technology before they become commonplace". Once they become accepted, new technology inevitably displaces them, and the originals become the traditional, and then the archaic...
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    Is there a better cyberpunk movie than "RoboCop"?

    Well, it's probably also going to include various tropes of Transhumanisim too just reading by the synopsis.
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    Is there a better cyberpunk movie than "RoboCop"?

    I agree with quite a few that have been mentioned already. Hackers, Johnny Mnemonic, Sneakers, The Crow, Judge Dredd, Max Headroom, Escape from New York. All these films/shows all have elements of cyberpunk in them, some more than others. One that I haven't seen mentioned yet is Demolition...
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    [still a necro] Famous Techno Song....?

    I love seeing this thread again. Don't forget this song from 1985: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDbpzjbXUZI Which inspired this version back in 2006: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3H0d_0pqOI
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    How Do They Do "Smoking" In Movies And TV?

    I remember reading an article about Scott Speedman being intimate with Kate Beckinsale for the film Underworld. The director is Len Wiseman, Kate's real life husband, and well... I'll let the quote do the talking. Also: ...but I can't find the one I was originally thinking of, where Scott...
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    [DRAFT]League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 2013 II: Electric Boogaloo

    Re: LXG Draft 2013 II: Electric Boogaloo OK, I won't. Don't have time to post my next picks at the moment. Will be back though, I still haven't picked my main hero yet.
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    [Geek Movie Wednesday Night] Akira

    I was lucky enough to see this on Japanese television in 1995 when I was there as part of an exchange program. We were staying in the (old) Tokyo Olympic village, one night in the old buildings, then the next few in the (then) new buildings. There was a TV in one of the lounge areas and we...
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    [DRAFT]League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 2013 II: Electric Boogaloo

    Re: LXG Draft 2013 II: Electric Boogaloo The Time-Traveling Tourist was enjoying the sights and sounds of a particularly busy Times Square, the noise and bustle of other tourists and those catering to them, the cars, taxis and buses and their respective horns, when he noticed something...
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