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  • Wow! Thanks, Redforce. I might actuaçlly do that, but this being a license, I don't think Green Ronin could publish anything without the say so of Martin (although I did send a link of the first installment to him).
    Indeed! Been down in this area for about 2 years now. Got transferred from the Roanoke, VA area.

    Sorry in the delay responding. I don't get many messages here! :)
    You love batting supers around with me? With me? Seriously?! Awesome! I remember that cause I've got ideas for the next session after the evil twins stuff is done. I'm going to have the team run into Puck's namesake. PRIDE issue 6: "Goodfellas"

    You get extra points is you get the reference for the title
    I ust admit I wondered what you were talking about before I realised our user names share a few letters and are exactly the same lenght. No problem.
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