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  • Hey RedShark, I saw your post about a super hero mini games. I am the designer of Super Force Seven.

    The game went into hiatus aobut a year ago. It just wasn't going where I wanted it to go. So back to the drawing board for another rewrite.

    To cut to the quick, I am finishing up the changes, which focuses primarily on simplifying character creation and am ready to roll it out again. If yo would like to take a look at it, demo the game, and offer some feedback, that would be great.

    let me know. myarro@yahoo.com
    I think we had similar charts back in the day with most of the relevant info on them...

    Sometimes there are fine lines between miniatures and board games, but if the stuff WotC et al. can be classed as "Miniatures games" then Battletech definitely can. Of course, I played it on real terrain whenever possible, which removes all doubt. :)

    I grew up in Williamstown, lived in Shelburne for a while, currently live in Barre and work in Waterbury.
    The new introductory box set has these 2 carboard slabs that have all the hit and skill check roll charts on them that make for incredibly streamlined game play...

    and thanks for agreeing it is a mini's game.

    btw, where in VT are you from, I used to work up there for awhile
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