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  • Nah, that's just Stormraven and JRoss working out their connections to other characters. Every PC get's to make two connections, somewhere in their career path. Each connection allows a skill at 1.
    Is this a decent idea for a setting? I can see a dozen different scenarios and a fairly decent sandbox game, but is it different enough from canon traveller without just being change for changes sake. I should note that I like to run Traveller more as gritty cinematic sci-fi than make any attempt to treat it as a hard science rpg.

    In that vein, I've considered tampering slightly with the skills, making level 0 skills the standard, modified by attribute and relevant terms of service.
    Skill levels would become difficulty modifiers - level-3 Pilot allows you to take on a formidable task as though it was easy, for example. This would make for a game where you can take a lot of risky moves if you're good at something, which I think would add a cinematic level of ability to otherwise unmodified characters.
    The gate-worlds would basically form the core of the Imperium, but the fast travel times would make for a more proactive nobility and populace...tourism would become a very real thing through all the coreworlds, for example.
    I'm kind of aiming for a set of Core-worlds that are the 'haves' and the other-worlds (everyone else) that are in various degrees of being 'have-nots', moving away from the pure 'age of sail' of CT to a mix of old style jump drive speed and a more wealthy, high-tech, hi-pop, hi-speed core that sees everything else as
    the primitive frontier.
    I can't get a weird version of the Traveller Imperium out of my head lately...an odd mix of the ideas behind the 'implied' setting of the first three books in Classic Traveller (largest jump ships about 12000tons, a decaying Imperium, space lanes instead of xboat routes) and adding jump gates that drastically reduce travel time, but only between the rich, high tech worlds that can afford them (each one costing trillions of credits to build and maintain).
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