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  • You mentioned in the thread
    that you were open for a Dark Champions but not one set in Hudson City.
    Well I am running one in a city of our creation, where we are a bit more flexible.
    I compare it to Batman:TAS meets X-files, so ther will be magic, low grade mutants, and jetpacks, but no superpowered mutants or aliens with with an "S" on their chest.

    For more info I posred a Wiki, still in progress. http://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Dark_Champions:_New_Venice
    Baby pics I can email. We haven't really posted them online. What is your current email address?

    We're doing pretty good, actually. Diapers are fun to buy and even more fun to change!
    This whole visitor message thing gives me a headache. I don't remember it is there and then I find it again.
    Didn't see that -- CONGRADULATIONS!!!

    Pat sez Christmas Babies still need Birthday parties and prezies. Or she'll grow up to be a grumpy cynical beyotch who hates mommie and daddy.

    (Just kidding about the hating mommie and da da part.)

    I'll be fine -- a bit depressed and under the weather but no biggie.
    Not much been going on. Playing D&D 4E in a group down here in Smurfreesboro. You saw the news that my wife is pregnant? We're having a girl, due Dec 28.

    How have things been with you?
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