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    [5E/OSR] Goodman Games to reprint TSR Modules

    Googman games added a lot of details in their press release: http://goodman-games.com/blog/2017/03/26/classic-dd-module-collectors-editions/ If before I was kind of interested in the book, now it is a must buy, even not being much of a fan of these two modules. "The first hardcover...
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    [5E/OSR] Goodman Games to reprint TSR Modules

    I don't like B1. Although B2 is fine, it was reprinted and updated to 2nd ed. and I believe there was an official convention supplement to 4 ed. There are some better and less widely available modules, such as, B10 - Night's Dark Terror (probably the best D&D module ever published) or more...
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    [5E/OSR] Goodman Games to reprint TSR Modules

    I am kind of surprised it haven't happened before. Those two aren't the ones I would choose to start a series but it is good to know there are more in preparation.
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    Moon Design Joins Chaosium Ownership Group

    Re: Moon Design Takes Over Chaosium That's sad. I found RuneQuest to be a great system in the early 80s but now I prefer the simplicity of BRP. As they aim at different audiences, I can only hope Chaosium will keep both lines.
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    [RPG]: Magic World, reviewed by RSANFORD (3/5)

    I was wondering how MW would compare to the current editions of Runequest and Legend. Although I enjoyed RQ3 many years ago, I would rather play a simpler version of the game nowadays.
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    Most Generic Published D&D Setting?

    Perhaps the Realms as it always appeared a variation of Greyhawk, while other settings tried to build on the differences from the original D&D setting. Although Greyhawk was developed simultaneously with D&D, the evolution of the game made it to retain a distinct personality in later editions...
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    [RPG]: Dragon Age: Dark Fantasy Roleplaying Set 1, reviewed by Travire (5/3)

    Seems to be an interesting engine. I would like to see it released in a single volume or boxed set divorced from the videogame setting.
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    Will you play Hoard of the Dragon Queen? (POLL)

    Very unlikely. I rarely run a published adventure and I am certainly not a fan of the Realms. I would play it but I can't see any of my friends buying it.
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    What are the best reads in D&D?

    Godaikin Engineer is rigor, the very last Gazetteer, Atruaghin Clans is rather weak, even for TSR standards at the time.
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    What are the best reads in D&D?

    I would go with the D&D Known World Gazetteers. The whole line set the standards much higher than what is expected for D&D. My favorite reads are The Great Duchy of Karameikos, Principalities of Glantri, and Shadow Elves. From the most recent stuff, I liked the 4th edition Planar books.
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    [Edition Proliferation-]Pessimism about D&D Next that is not system related

    I believe that they are not as interested as it seems to bring back people that are currently playing older editions or Pathfinder. They are welcome, for sure, but not their main objective. I think that, creating a game that can be played at different levels of complexity will be easier to...
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    Playstation 4 unveiled (Half an hour from now)

    They moved to a different architecture and thus backward compatibility would be impossible, at least for ps3 games. I am pretty sure they would be able to emulate ps1 and ps2 games with little trouble. Still, I have quite a large collection of games purchased at psn. Considering the poor quality...
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    Gord the Rogue: was Gary Gygax a good writer of fiction?

    Gygax was a man full of ideas. He created wonderful fantasy worlds, developed a set of rules mostly based in a concept, and started an industry. That said, he was rather weak as a writer. His rules are often not clear at all and he have difficulties in placing his ideas in a order that make...
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    [General Fantasy] Problems with one of my players.

    If the player is aracnophobic then just drop spiders for all. He have little control on his fear and you're just making him uncomfortable. If the character is aracnophobic then design the encounter assuming he will flee. Adjust the challenge to the reduced party and create something interesting...
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    Interesting Upcoming Items at Amazon (AD&D 1E/2E)

    This is very cool for two main reasons: 1) Many of these products are really great and I'm missing a few; and 2) The fact they consist in the main line of D&D books for the near future means that WotC already moved from 4th to 5th edition and thus they should release the later in the next GenCon.
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