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  • There's no reason that you should care, but I just wanted to say that I did not think your posts in the Free Spacer Kickstarter thread deserved a threadban. They seemed quite sensible to me.
    Thanks for letting me know. I'm really going to get something posted today. This summer has been hell from a work POV.
    I'm away for two days. I'll take my tablet but posting might be spotty and I won't have my books.

    I'm concerned Proxenus might be seriously under-skilled for this but, hey, let them dice roll!
    Thanks. I really don't do anything more than post around here. I'm too lazy to run a blog or anything like that.
    Have you a newsletter, sir? I should subscribe if so.

    Seriously, I like your old school D&D insights. I played a little of 1E myself and a little Basic, and honestly don't see myself getting into the OSR scene. But you have a lot of useful insights into old school gaming and I learn a lot from reading your posts. So kudos!
    I appreciate it. I'm going to pass due to the new job (see OOC post). I better not commit to anything new online at this point. Good luck and have fun.
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