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    The Dark Eye RPG - opinions?

    You are right. I had the wrong numbers. There are six true elements and two primal materials, all in all 8 Essences in Midgard. This is meta-knowledge. In game, no magic tradition got the complete picture. The Druids of the pseudo-european cultures to not even know that there is the element...
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    The Dark Eye RPG - opinions?

    I couldn't tell you that without a lot of play experience. All in all, the system always tried - and 5th edition still tries - to keep spellcasters from dominating game especially at higher grades. Now, the SYSTEM of magic is very, very interesting. Spellcasters are not rulers of the game...
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    The Dark Eye RPG - opinions?

    No, stamina points for beginning characters are still very low, but are going to increase more rapidly. The grades are now much smaller steps and easy to climb. On the other hand, even "mid-level" characters now have very high grade numbers (20 or more), which might not be to everybody's taste...
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    The Dark Eye RPG - opinions?

    The "grades" in Midgard never were comparable with levels. In Midgard, you learn skills individually. After achieving certain thresholds of increased skills, your grade increases and with it some very general and important roll bonusses, for example Defense and Using Magic. Also the...
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    How many years have you been roleplaying?

    39 years now. Still going strong. The first adventure was played with home-brew rules of the game master's design or that of his fantasy club. My character was an Indian-style priest, a career I wanted because he could wear plate mail, wield a bad-ass hammer and use magic. He behaved very...
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    Most popular fantasy RPG after D&D and Pathfinder?

    I looked up the business numbers an Nerds on Earth for the 1st Quarter 2018. Roleplaying Games are up, but still constitute only 4 % of the hobby gaming market. Number 1 among them is 5e, but 2nd is Starfinder, with Pathfinder coming up third. Places 4 and 5 go to Star Wars and Genesys...
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    Your favorite task resolution system

    My favorite task resolution: stat + skill + 1d10 (Unisystem) or stat + skill + 2d6 (Vortex system). 3d6 + ability (Age) is also not bad at all.
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    Doctor Who Roleplaying Game - what became of it?

    Of course it is. That was not my contention.
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    Doctor Who Roleplaying Game - what became of it?

    There we might have found one problem that the publisher of a Doctor Who rpg will always have to manage: the need to rebranding every few years. This has several issues: First, the system itself is pretty solid and developed. It essentially doesn't need any overhaul. So, franchise marketing...
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    Doctor Who Roleplaying Game - what became of it?

    Yes, but if you put out supplements with the notation "Volume 1", there should be a follow up in the foreseeable future.
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    Doctor Who Roleplaying Game - what became of it?

    There are few games with as much supplements. I have all of them. But, alas, the psychological phenomen accompanying the lack of further output is that of a "dead" game line. At one time, DWRPG was the top seller of their games, as the rumor mill maintained. Lack of further output means lack...
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    Doctor Who Roleplaying Game - what became of it?

    Can anybody in the know tell anything about the future of DWRPG? I mean, there hasn't been a supplement for a long, long time - although, tauntingly, some titles had been published with "Volume 1" in the subtitle. Then the great silence came. I know that there have been announcements for the...
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    Would you choose Starfinder or Firefly RPG?

    It did. In Cortex classic, space combat is simply implicit in the rules for initiative, movement, ships and ship weapons. Space combat is made a bit fiddly because the assumption is that every cannon or battery is fired separately, which, for big ships, takes hours, but the rules are there.
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    [Blue Rose] Adding ASoIaF House rules

    I second that. Make up background characters with Relationships to the Kids' main characters. It is more fitting for the setting and much more easy to do as well.
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    [Kickstarter] The Expanse RPG - AGE rules

    First of all, in a roleplaying game the novels are not re-enacted. Secondly, the AGE system does nothing new with regard to combat abilities; in the Vortex-System (Doctor Who RPG) for example you have Marksman for ranged combat and Fighting for melee. It´s intuitive. Even the more complicated...
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