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  • I only followed the campaign till about level 8 until that story fizzled out simply because not everyone could continue to meet at the same time. In theory, Scroll based spell buffs to augment the Eldritch Blasts would have continued to be my main way of dealing constant damage. Also in theory, by level 13 with a UMD of 16 and a Charisma modifier of +3, I could cast any level 9 spell from any scroll, divine or arcane, with no chance of failure.

    The final combo I had in mind involved Flying above enemies with the Fell Flight invocation learned at level 6, sniping at a long range with Eldritch Spear learned at level 1, and due to maximizing Charisma as much as possible and use of feats I would have made the DC saves against Utterdark Blast (bestowing 2 negative levels with each shot, learned at level 16) difficult to resist and therefore disgustingly powerful.

    That was the archer I settled on. I hope this helps.
    Application of the shape and blast invocations, such as having a 250' range with no range penalty, forcing will and fort saves with each attack and other creative invocations made the class cool.

    Using the Deceive Item ability with maxed UMD and a high Charisma allowed my character to cast any level 4 spells from wands as my level 5 character. Since a Cleric, Druid and Wizard would access level 4 spells at level 7, and a Sorcerer at level 8, by investing my money well I ended up being main healer with a few Cure wands and was able to dish out a few more creative spells to supplement my invocations. After a few levels, I kept my UMD maximized and invested in scrolls to cast any higher level spells, keeping me above the other casters in power of spells they had access too. All the suggestions for Cleric spells to make the Cleric archer build great, I could in theory reproduce with the Warlock as long as I had enough cash and could buy the wands I needed.
    Hey! Sorry, it took me a little while to notice I had your message.

    I never went the Cleric Archer route, so I can't offer you any more insight than the thread provided. I can tell you what I did instead!

    Shortly after that post I (re)discovered the Warlock class and everything it could do, Eldritch Blast and otherwise. I ended up maximizing the 1d6 damage it could do with each ranged touch attack with items and spells. Dispite the less that Fighter BAB, It's the touch attack that really sold me on the build for the archer I was going for, ignoring the reliance on armor that comes with the lower level enemies and still coming in handy against most opponents. I found that my making touch attacks, it usually bypassed about as much AC as if I had the full BAB and had to include the full AC. It worked out better than a Cleric archer would have.
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