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    Pathfinder Beginner Box in Oct

    I am really thinking about the potential of an E5 game, with a big ol' book of feats.
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    Apocalypse: Everybody walks away

    For my campaign, I'm thinking some serious damage to the collective consciousness, so like you can remember that your kids are your kids, but "Citibank" and "New York" don't make any sense anymore. So not-quite-feral but lacking in our modern civilized concepts. Knowledge that the grocery...
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    Apocalypse: Everybody walks away

    You see, I work in the intersection of computers and finance, where I am massively disconnected from anything real. So the markets seize but nothing really happens to the value of anything. The reports I create don't get to their traders, who aren't there anyway, and there's no one to trade...
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    Apocalypse: Everybody walks away

    What kind of disasters would be caused if the whole human race walked away from their jobs for a month? I'm guessing famine, some sketchy oil rigs leak, maybe another Chernobyl?
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    the missing element in OSR games

    Paul, yep. I think there is this thing in the Old School community that makes the GMing role into something mystical that can't be taught or even described or it will lose it's magic. I don't agree, but you could guess that from where I hang my hat (forumly-speaking).
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    Name Changes Thread

    I've found that I'm too easy to find online these days; would it be OK to change my userid to just Ry ? That's what I'm going by on other forums now.
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    Any good ideas for mystical numbers?

    Awesome; S.K. I'm going to use 120*pi for my solar cycle. That gives pi days per "card"; a deck of cards in the setting has 120 elements. Looking at semiprimes, I think 1261 = 13 * 97 is kind of fancy; one of the cool properties that 120 lacks is being a star number. 121 is also a star...
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    Any good ideas for mystical numbers?

    Well, 120 is multiply-perfect, superabundant, highly composite, a triangular, tetrahedral, and hexagonal number, the sum of a twin prime pair, the sum of four consecutive primes, four consecutive powers of two, four consecutive powers of three, and so on. It's the lowest number to have 16...
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    Any good ideas for mystical numbers?

    I think you mean 343, which is a pretty good candidate.
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    Any good ideas for mystical numbers?

    A setting I'm making needs a special number for its calendar, and I've been bouncing between a few but I thought you guys might have suggestions. I'm looking for a number, hopefully larger than 100, and either a coprime with 120 or having an other obscure relationship with it. Mystical...
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    Same Old Same Old?

    I felt that way until I played In A Wicked Age, which rocked my world (no prep).
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    Your RPG dream team

    Luke Crane, Vincent Baker, Ben Lehman, and Judd Karlman. Except it wouldn't be called D&D 6e, it'd be something like "Mortal Coil Revised" (Wicked Burning Dictionary edition).
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    Favorite damage system/mechanic?

    It took me a few sessions to realize it, but the damage mechanics for In A Wicked Age really help pace the game... you get a great sense of rising action with them. (For those who don't know, your character's abilities can be damaged but can refresh at hte beginning of the next session - as...
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    Other Good (non d20) Fantasy Genre Games?

    Most of the discussion of Red Box Hack I've seen is over at www.story-games.com Since the game is free there hasn't been a real review of it that I know of, but lots of people have talked about play. The classes are a little weird, but I found that if you rename a few it's much cooler: Fox...
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    Other Good (non d20) Fantasy Genre Games?

    Red Box Hack. It's fast, free and fun, and has lots of actual play reports. http://redboxhack.blogspot.com/
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